24 days of tea advent calendar

tea advent calendar

Holidays can be stressful, so you deserve some special treats to help you navigate through the chaos. Maybe a warm cup of tea would be pleasant? An advent calendar tea gifts or herbal tea advent calendar is the perfect way to make your teatime ritual extra special as we approach the holiday season. We’ve got the most amazing tea advent calendars you’ll love this holiday season, with a unique blend you’ll enjoy every day.


The Christmas season may be stressful, which is why you deserve something special to help control the bustle every day. Something, maybe, like a warm cup of tea? And although you could serve yourself a cup of your favorite brew in the build-up to the Christmas season, if you’re seeking to make your teatime routine particularly special, what you need are advent calendar tea gifts. With a unique mix to make your teatime a daily treat, we’re bringing up current tea advent calendars you’ll want this holiday season.


From an overloaded social schedule to buying for everyone on your list, you’d be forgiven if the calendar flipping to December made your blood pressure increase just a little. One simple way to bring back a piece of the romance of the holiday season is with an advent calendar tea gifts.


Best Tea Advent Calendars Of 2022


With a plethora of Advent calendars to browse, it might be challenging to identify the ideal one. Although, we picked the top tea Advent calendars depending on what made them stand out.


Not that every advent calendar tea gifts is the same, nor is every tea aficionado. So, scroll down and check the list of the best advent calendar tea gifts.


David’s Tea


$55 for a 24 day tea advent calendar. 24 ways to revel in the festive teas. Enjoy returning favourites from previous seasons, all-time highest bestsellers, and other very festive mixes coming up to the big day. But with that double quantity behind each door, these are seasonal drinks you can enjoy.


Bean Box


Spectacular Coffee Advent Calendar 2022 – $64. Every morning, a coffee surprise awaits you: one of twelve delicious, limited-edition 2022 Holiday Blends handpicked from the greatest specialty coffee roasters in the United States. Every coffee variety shows up freshly ground and pre-measured to create one complete pot of coffee.


Yawn Brew


$55 for a Coffee Advent Calendar 2022. Features coffees from the wonderful Daterra line with aromas of Caramel, Chocolate, and Christmas fruits. This collection includes a few darker roasts and more mixes than the Coffee Pro Advent.


Whittard of Chelsea Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar for Two


Whittard of Chelsea’s Advent calendar is made for two, with two packets of hot chocolate in each of its 24 compartments, making it an ideal present for couples. The 12 chocolate flavours include Rocky Road, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and Creme Brulee.


Lego Friends 2022 Advent Calendar


With this advent calendar tea gifts, Lego aficionados of all ages may uncover little figurines or set pieces that form a Christmas scene when put together. While behind the doors of this Advent calendar, you’ll discover 24 sets of bricks to build with, featuring three Lego Friends figures.



24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar


This limited-edition advent calendar consists of 24 expertly prepared tea blends and herbal teas that you may enjoy all December long. Every tea is in a hand-stitched cotton bag for the finest gourmet experience. Try flavours like Pu Erh Imperial, Venus Garden – Infusion du Louvre, Hammam Rooibos, and more.


Adagio teas

Tea Advent Calendar 2022


Whether you rely on loose-leaf tea or want the comfort of a bar, Adagio’s calendar gets you covered—its 24 days of tea are offered in either loose or packaged form.


Paper and Tea

Paper & Tea Advent Calendar


This German advent calendar is both attractive and tasty since it contains 24 organic, full-leaf teas, each in its biodegradable cotton bag.




We have compiled a comprehensive list of gifts for you. We have come to the end of our list of unique advent calendar gifts, and we feel that we have given you plenty of options to choose from.


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