First-Time Motherhood: 7 Tips

New moms spend 1,400 hours online researching baby health and happiness. New responsibilities bring new worries.

Pregnancy is the start of your child’s health, but it’s important.

First-time pregnancies should follow these seven tips.

1. Avoid caffeine.

Caffeine during pregnancy is dangerous. This is because the placenta absorbs caffeine slowly.

The caffeine side effects of racing heart rate, high blood pressure, and stimulated nervous system affect you and your baby.

Miscarriage increases. Small amounts can increase low birth weight by 13%.

Try a naturally decaffeinated herbal tea, but consult your doctor or midwife, as some herbs can cause premature labor.

2. Regularly exercise

Birth is physically and mentally taxing. Regular exercise reduces pregnancy pain and mood swings.

Low-impact exercise improves mood, circulation, and back pain. It also strengthens muscles and ligaments for labor.

Swimming and walking reduce stress. Prenatal yoga relaxes, opens your hips, and boosts fertility.

Weightlifting and intense cardio may be harmful.

3. Hydrate.

First-time mothers need more water because it becomes an amniotic fluid. Low fluid can cause miscarriage, congenital disabilities, and difficult labor.

Pregnant women need more water than usual and can dehydrate quickly. To stay hydrated, drink ten 8-ounce cups a day.

Water helps swollen joints and flushes toxins.

4. Naps

First-trimester fatigue is common. Hormonal changes will lower your energy.

Sleep and unwind now. You won’t get much rest after the baby arrives. You’ll sleep irregularly.

So take an afternoon nap to relax and reduce work and personal stress on your baby.

Nighttime sleep is also crucial. Your pregnancy will make it harder to sleep. In addition, your bump will be uncomfortable in the bathroom.

Get a pregnancy pillow to catch up on sleep. Pillows align hips by relieving back and pelvic pressure.
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5. Prenatal Massage Before birth, book a professional massage.

Low-impact massages relieve pregnancy-related lower back pain. It will boost circulation and reduce swelling-causing inflammation.

Avoid a massage at the beginning of your first trimester. Due to miscarriage risk, most practitioners won’t accept women during this time. However, you can get a message anytime up until your due date after that.

Plan a Birth

Motherhood begins at birth. You want to make this moment special and safe. Thus, birthing plans are crucial.

Before consulting friends and family, research your options online. It would help if you were impartial when choosing a birthing method.

Midwives and home births are becoming more popular in the US. Home births rose 77% from 2004 to 2017.

Location is not your only choice. Epidurals, water births, and delayed cord clamping are others.

7. Go Shopping

Get excited about your bundle of joy by getting those essential and cute baby items ready.

You can prepare the nursery with a crib, changing table, rocking chair, and dresser. Plus, pick out a bright color for the walls and decals for the windows for your baby to enjoy.

Dressing your baby is fun but takes planning. You don’t want to run out of clothes when your baby has a growth spurt. Instead, plan to buy one size up from their current age. Newborn clothes won’t last long, so only buy a few.

You also want to decide on diaper brands or choose cloth or reusable inserts. For newborns, disposable diapers work the best since you will frequently be changing. However, as they get older, you may switch to a more eco-friendly option.

Remember blankets, bibs, bottles, and some starter toys.

These items will help you physically and mentally prepare for your new addition.

Finding More Tips for First-Time Pregnancies

As you progress in your pregnancy, more questions will pop up daily. To find more tips for first-time pregnancies, visit online forums and mom’s groups to get anecdotal advice from moms who have been in your shoes.

Visit our egg and sperm freezing page to plan for another child if you don’t know when.

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