7 Tips to Prevent Ear Infections

Ear Infections

Infections can be troubling to deal with.

Be it throat infections or ear infections, these infections can be difficult to deal with. Ear infections can be mild or sometimes can grow serious or recurrent. Generally, an ear infection refers to an infection of the middle ear. These infections can be of different types and can come from many causes.

These infections are indicated by some common signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms can be hard to know in the case of children. I remember my nephew suffered from a recurrent ear infection and used to cry for hours. We took him to the doctor who then referred the child to a renowned ENT specialist in Peshawar where he was diagnosed with a severe ear infection and was then treated.

However, these signs and symptoms can greatly vary in the case of adults. These symptoms can include a high fever, ear drainage, and difficulty hearing. If the infection is not treated, it can spread to the brain or nearby tissues. Middle ear infections are a common cause of hearing loss. If the infection is persistent, a hearing test may be performed. So, it is really important to keep an eye on the warning signs and know when you need to contact the doctor.

How to Prevent Ear Infections?

Prevention comes before treatment. It is quite possible to prevent these infections and lessen the burden. When it comes to preventing ear infections, many things can be helpful, especially in the case of children. If you are looking to prevent ear infections in children, the following tips can help you with it:

1- Vaccination is a must

If you are looking for more reasons to vaccinate your child, then the prevention of ear infections can be the next one. This is important because upper respiratory tract infections are the prominent cause of ear infections. So, children need to get vaccinated on time to prevent these infections which later can affect their other body functions.

2- Handwashing

Handwashing is a good habit but the benefits of washing hands often can be more than what we think. Keeping your hands clean helps to control the spread of germs which later can result in the onset of infection. Try to develop it as a healthy habit especially when children return home from outside before they start eating food, before touching any food, or after coughing and sneezing.

3- No bottle feeding in bed

If your child is habitual of taking milk bottles in bed before sleeping then beware because this can be the cause behind recurrent ear infections your child is suffering from. This happens when the milk starts pooling in children’s throats and making its way to Eustachian’s tube. This ultimately creates a medium for the growth of bacteria which is the ultimate cause of ear infections. If you still need to bottle feed, try to maintain an upright position for at least 30 minutes after bottle feeding to minimize the risk of ear infections.

4- Keep allergies at a bay

If you are looking for more ways to prevent ear infections, then you should also keep allergies at a bay. This is because allergies result in inflammation that causes fluid buildup in the cavity. This fluid accumulation and inflammation is the cause behind different types of ear infections your child suffers from.

5- Go for breastfeeding

Another way to prevent ear infections is by boosting your child’s immunity. To boost their immunity, one of the easiest ways is to breastfeed them. Breastmilk is not only a whole nutritional formula but also contains a good amount of natural antibodies that support a healthy immune system in babies thus preventing ear infections.

6- Limit smoke exposure

Smoking is injurious to health, this goes without saying. Smoking, whether first-hand or second hand can be damaging to your health. These harmful side effects of smoking not only affect your lung health but can also result in ear infections. Yes, the irritants present in smoke can cause inflammation or swelling of the airways. This inflammation compromises the natural cleaning ability of our ears thus resulting in different types of infections. So, make sure to limit your child’s exposure to different types of smoke to reduce the frequency of infections.

Bottom Line!

Ear infections are quite common and can affect anyone. The widespread use of antibiotics in the past resulted in the recurrence of these infections which are more severe than before. However, taking the right measures can help you to overcome the spread of these infections. However, if none of these work for you, then make sure to immediately contact your doctor to find out the root cause behind recurrent infections. Also, try to consume immune-boosting foods to enable your body’s natural defense mechanism.

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