7 Intriguing Stories About Karva Chauth You Should Learn About

Karva implies clay pot, and Chauth implies fourth in Hindi. Karva Chauth is commemorated on the fourth day after the Full moon day or Poornima in the month of Kartika according to the Hindu calendar. Thousands of women who keep nirjala fasting on Karva Chauth and this tradition has been pursued for quite an extended time since it’s been a ritual. During the fast, women keep fasting for the healthy life of their husbands, and they break their fast after praying to the God and the moon. 

Here are some interesting facts you would love to learn about Karva Chauth occasion. These truths will give you more knowledge about the importance of this occasion in the existence of Indian women. 

Importance of Karwa Chauth:

Karwa Chauth is one of the special festivals commemorated in India. This festival is commemorated by Hindu ladies, mainly from the Northern and Western parts of the country. This celebration is commemorated by women, who offer their prayers for healthy life, good fitness, wealth , and the security of their husbands. On this occasion, they deck up beautifully in their wedding clothes, wear stunning ornaments, hear vrat Katha, apply Mehendi on their palms, attend a nirjala vrat, and pray to the supreme deity. They also beautifully illuminate their karvas, distribute gifts to their close ones, enjoy songs, and assemble in the evening to attend the Vrat Katha and stay and look to the moon to rise.

Tale Of The Legendary Mahabharata:

A lot of people think that when Arjuna trekked for penance to the Nilgiris, Draupadi maintained her fast in longings for her spouse to retain a long life. At this moment, the Pandavas were encountered with multiple challenges because he was not there, and Draupadi got the thought of turning to Lord Krishna for some help. Lord Krishna narrated Draupadi about the story of when Maa Parvati experienced the same situation; she attended Karva Chauth for Lord Shiva for his security. Pursuing the same path, Draupadi began to keep fasting while finishing off all of the essential rituals, and then, all the Pandavas were able to encounter the problem that was coming. 

Enriches The Relation Between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law:

A beautiful day for all mom-in-law and daughter-in-law, Sargi is gifted to them as a token on Karwa Chauth by the mom-in-law. This sargi is offered with the immense respect, love, and delight. This is one of the occasion’s important ceremonies. You can order Karwa Chauth gifts online and get them on time.

The Significance of Sargi:

The meal that happens before the fast, termed sargi, has a platter served with lots of delectable foods that mom-in-law offer to their daughters-in-law. After taking showers in the early morning, this meal is eaten. Coconut, paratha, sweets, meethi mathri, dried fruits, meethi seviyan, tea, and juice comprise most of the platter’s ingredients.

The Tale Of Karva:

Karwa is termed as the clay pot utilized by women on this occasion for offering water to the moon as part of the occasion’s most special ceremony, making it immemsely essential. Indian women married over India, particularly in North and West India, attend this fast from morning until moonrise. There’s also a story about Karva, where the man had a wife called Karva who was wholeheartedly dedicated to him. When his partner was attacked by a fierce crocodile when he was swimming, Karva controlled the crocodile with cotton yarn. 

Yama was compelled to send the reptile to heaven after noticing this incident and Karva’s persistent commitment to her husband, he offered their union with joy.

The Story Of Satyavan and Savitri:

The beautiful story of Satyavan and Savitri explains how Yama reached to Satyavan and his spouse Savitri and begged for his life. She stopped eating food and having water when Yama rejected to free her husband. When Yama offered her the chance to wish for any boon except her husband’s life, Savitri directly asked to be the birth giver of hundred sons, which would not have been attainable without Satyavan, that led to Yama with no other option than to free Satyavan. 

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The Wonderful Tale Of Queen Veeravati:

Veervati was one sister out of the seven brothers. When her brothers observed that when their sister kept the fast which made her feel weak, it made them worried, and they positioned a lit lamp on a cliff with a sieve. It seemed like the moon from a distant. Veeravati proposed her prayers thinking it as a moon and opened her fast. After this, she got to know that her husband had perished unexpectedly. She was shattered and begged fervently to God, at which juncture the goddess appeared and clarified how her brothers had tricked her. And then, to get the life of her husband back, the Goddess asks her to keep the fasts once more with the supreme dedication. Yamraj was impressed by how Veervati was kept the fast and then he gave the life of his husband back.

These are some of the interesting stories about Karwa Chauth that you can learn and send amazing gifts online from online portals.


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