Every Thing You Need To Know About Hoverboard And Segway

hoverboards and segway

Cases have been recorded when inferior budget models of hoverboards ignited spontaneously or even exploded. This was due to poorly assembled batteries. Batteries that are used in hoverboards have high power with small dimensions. But lithium ignites spontaneously when in contact with air. Therefore, batteries for the Hoverboard must be assembled with high quality, passing strict control. To avoid fire problems, buy hoverboards from Segbo manufacturers.

Otherwise, hoverboards are as safe as a skateboard or a bicycle. Although, while riding it, you can fall and get bruises or abrasions, it is recommended to wear special protection.

How to choose a children’s Hoverboard.

For children aged 6 to 9 years, it is worth looking after a Segway with a low movement speed – 5 km / h. Teenagers from 10 years old can purchase a more versatile hoverboard that will be suitable for both children and adults

How to find a hoverboard on Segbo

If you search for a Hoverboard using the words “Segway,” or “Hoverboard,” then the result will give practically nothing. UK sellers call this device Hoverboard. Therefore, searching for this word will provide you with the maximum effect.

Have a question?

 Write it in the comments or contact the chat before buying any vehicle; many begin to wonder about the safety of use. This is the right question since a Hoverboard is an individual vehicle, inside which there is a very complex balancing system powered by battery electricity. Hoverboard – is it dangerous to ride and use this exciting vehicle?

What are the risks?

Is a hoverboard dangerous? The degree of danger does not exceed the risk of using a bicycle or skateboard. The most challenging thing is that you can fall off it and hurt your knee or scratch your hand. There are a few more moments of danger from a hoverboard, but there is no mortal danger – you must remember this.

The danger of the scooter is implied only in its self-balancing system, which works by itself and responds to some driver commands. After you stand on the platform, the scooter will keep the balance between you and the venue, so you do not fall. There is a slight danger of flying forward if you hit a curb or any other obstacle.

Therefore, to avoid injuries, wear protection: a helmet for your head, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves for your hands. Then it will be easier for you to ride, and you will not be afraid to fall. There is also a risk of loss due to a poor-quality or defective Hoverboard. Therefore, only buy cheap hoverboards from your hands. Be sure to purchase hoverboards only in time-tested stores that work directly with the manufacturer and are not intermediaries.

The fact is that on bad and Hoverboards and fakes, there is usually a two-board or single-board balancing system. Because of this, the speed of information exchange, as well as the performance of the boards, drops, and the scooter is not so sharp, clearly responds to commands, and may freeze at the wrong moment, then you may fall. Since 2015, it has been stated in the patent and standards that all hoverboards must be produced with at least three boards. There may be two older models, but such models are no longer sold.

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