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Goa has been a major attraction for an abundant amount of tourists for its energetic and surreal vibes. It has got a breathtaking vibe and is a magnet for tourists, not merely Indians but foreigners who also relish their Goa tour. It is the best spot for the ones who are nature lovers and want to explore nature and discover themselves.

They can witness the perfect sunsets and gaze at them, there are beautiful waterfalls, trees, greenery, and a lot more for them that will surely make them fall in love with nature even more. Contrary to nature, it has got some awesome party vibes that can be ideal for party animals as the parties and nightlife of Goa cannot be compared.


Best time to visit Goa

The best time to visit Goa is supposed to be between November to February, basically in winter because the weather is so delightful there in winter. Hostels, hotels, and resorts also enhance their price in the winter season because the demand is very elevated at this particular time.

There are numerous places to visit in goa. some of the best places not to miss are:-

The Baga beach

Baga beach is the most well-known and most happening beach in Goa.  Baga beach has quite prominent commercial nightlife, there are various cafes, bars, and open nightclubs overnight. 

Tourists are even enticed to the place to enjoy some nerve-racking adventurous activity. Baga beach offers an extraordinary experience of watersports which consists of Parasailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, and many more. You can even get the chance to witness friendly dolphins playing around. 

Baga beach is one of the favored hangouts for nature lovers, where one can relish the scenic beauty of a place. For couples, a candlelit dinner at the beachside is a perfect destination for making it a romantic Baga beach holiday.


2. Calangute Beach

One of the most stunning beaches in Goa has vast stretches of sand aligned with clear water in thousands of shades of blue. The beauty and aesthetics of the place will surely capture your attraction. 

This place is popular for various adventurous water sports such as speed boating, parasailing, water surfing, jet skiing, banana riding, and many other thrilling activities. 

At Calangute beach, you can even indulge yourself in some fine food and wine.This is one of Goa’s best beaches.


3. Anjuna beach 

Located in the small village of Anjuna on the shore of the Arabian sea, this beach is 18 km away from Panaji, the capital of Goa. 

Anjuna beach is famous for the trance parties at the site during tourist seasons in Goa. Anjuna beach has trance and electronics and the music there is so lively that it will force you to dance. The parties run quite often till morning. 

This beach is even famous for the hippy culture and free vibes offered by the place.


4. Colva beach 

Colva beach extends for around 2.4 km, part of a beach including about 25 km of powder white sand, lined along its shore by coconut palms, and extended as far as Bogmalo Beach in the north and Cabo de Rama Beach in the South Goa’s coastline. Colva is now a well-known tourist destination, relished for its beach. The tourist industry is well formulated with many budget hotels, guest houses, beach shacks, food stalls, small restaurants and pubs, and bars, although these expansions haven’t extended to any large degree to the nightlife. The beaches are frequently monitored by lifeguards and the swimming areas are flagged with colored flags accordingly. Being one of the prominent beaches of Goa, this beach is highly crowded most of the time of the year. With a preponderance of its visitors being domestic Indian visitors this beach is mostly disregarded by foreigners.


5. Galgibaga beach

This beach is the cleanest in Goa, it is situated in south Goa in the Canacona region, 7 km away from Palolem beach. This beach is a nesting ground for the Olive ridley turtles. Galgibaga beach is less crowded and the travelers will find no shacks at all in the beach. 

This beach even offers you some of the most famous dishes of the region and even some refreshing drinks. 

This beach has a peaceful vibe in it which makes it different from all party-prone beaches. 


 Since Goa has been the favorite of tourists, therefore it has been coming up with several features which provide proper convenience to its customers. Goa can be enjoyed with less money also. So, if you plan for Goa with your friends next time on a trip, they will not be able to make excuses for money. The best place to explore yourself and enjoy a bit and create as many memories as you


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