The Pangarchulla height Trek- A exciting summit

pangullar trek


The  Pangarchulla trek gives a strenuous and interesting peak climb that’s precisely what you’re searching for. The Pangarchulla summit trek has an elevation of 15,069 metres.  First, Pangarchu is a five-day stroll (7 days such as journey days from Rishikesh). The stroll starts from Auli, a village inside the Garhwal area of Uttarakhand close to Joshimath. Inside the Nanda Devi country wide Park wherein it’s far positioned. 


we can live on the authentic route of Pangarchulla which starts offevolved from Auli. We explored the  Pangarchulla trek in 2015-16 using this traditional direction. This path is in particular dear to us and India Hikes co-founder Sandhya UC prefers it.  I assume you have to simplest walk from here, now not from Dhak, says the female.  Awesome Mountains, Mt. Dronagiri, and Mt. As you journey from Auli to Gorson Bugyal and then to Tali, Nanda Devi are in front of you. Because the stroll progresses, the mountain scenery is greater wonderful as you leave Auli. 

Nanda Devi mountain is not visible if you start from the Dhak side till 

The day of the trek when you begin descending from Auli. You furthermore may go away mountains if you tour together with your again to them. Consequently, beginning from Dhaka, you ought to flip around and give up your adventure to peer the  Gorson Bugyal Hills. 


 Brief direction 

 DAY 1 

 power from Joshimath to Rishikesh 

riding distance: 25

 miles; riding: 10-eleven hours; preference vicinity: live loose Hostel, Rishikesh, Indiahikes Trekkers 

 Trending Update News: At 6:00 am. Transportation can be organized. One-manner tickets are Rs. 6,000 for  Bolero (five-6 seats) and Rs. 9000 for Time vacationer (10-12 seats). The migrants percentage this amount among themselves. At 17:00 you will attain Joshimath, the base camp. 

 DAY 2 

 Joshimath to Tugas by way of automobile. From Tugas trek to Gulling or Akhrot Ghetta 

Trek distance  12 km, duration  6-7 hours, and altitude 8790-10908 ft.  Medium. Consistent upward push It starts offevolved all at once and will increase regularly over the subsequent 

Five mins. Once more about an hour of steep, then 1.Five-2 hours of gradual and steep ascents. 

DAY three 

Trek from Gulling or Akhrotghetta to Khullara.

walking distance  6 km, time is taken for the trek, and elevation advantage  10,908 to 11,010 toes 

 moderate. Hiking the course steadily. There aren’t any water assets. 


 DAY four


 Khullara acclimatization day. Journey lower back to Khullara after  Kuari height. 


-five hours, ascending and descending eleven,010ft to 12,600ft before returning to eleven,010ft. 

 Simple. Step by step rising to the top of the Kuar. As there are no water resources at the route, convey sufficient water with you. 

DAY five 

 journey again to Khullara after climbing Pangarchulla peak. Pangarchulla trek from Khullara to the peak and returned. 

 Hike 12 kilometers 10-12 hours, ascending and descending from eleven,010 ft to fifteen,069 toes before returning to eleven,010 feet 

 difficult. A mild climb is followed with the aid of a difficult climb over rocks and snow. After 3 to 4 hours of strolling, there may be only one water supply. Take 2 liters of water with you and fill the bottles at the source. 


 DAY 6 

from Khullara trek to Karachi, from there through vehicle to Tapoban 

 5.25 km, three-

 hours and 11,010-7,315 meters of altitude loss  on the  

 clean-slight trek. There’s a slow steep descent to Karch. Bring sufficient water with you. 

 DAY 7 

 From Tapoban again to Rishikesh by means of car.

 Quality time to trek Pangarchulla peak

 there is best one month in a yr whilst the Pangarchulla top trek is available and this is April. This consists of the spring season. The remaining months of the 12 months are closed for migration. There is an excessive amount of snow at the path before April to make the summit possible. After April, the snow melts, making climbing to the summit risky because of the uncovered rocks. These stones are big and feature many gaps between them, making it hard for all hikers to transport between them. It’s far quite dangerous and ends speedy. 


 How hard is the Pangarchulla Trek? 

Pangarchulla Trek falls beneath the ‘hard’ trek class. Compared to different climbs like Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, or Chopta-Chandrashila trek, the 15,000 feet Pangarchulla top is much greater challenging terrain. However, you shouldn’t allow that stop you. The exciting challenges of the Pangarchulla Trek are followed with the aid of first rate surprises. However, this stroll isn’t at all recommended for novices. Global Top Trend



hiking to the top is the toughest a part of the adventure. Under heavy snow, the longest and maximum hard approach includes several big boulders. The distances between those rocks are big, which can be dangerous while trekking. However to avoid problems and make certain your protection, we have skilled publications to guide you in the proper direction. 

 All in all, despite the fact that the journey to Pangarchulla is interesting and difficult, you ought to be cautious earlier than starting this quest. You ought to be in top physical form to without problems entire this excellent stroll.


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