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If at the beginning of this post we talk about the importance of not wasting time on things that can done by others. Such as being picked up or delivered once the vehicle is repaired at your own home or work. It is true that the price is not an obstacle to hiring or not the Tunbridge Wells Taxi service.

 How much does a taxi cost to get from my house to my dealership?  

According to the taxi sector in Tunbridge Wells. The average ride is around 10 or 15, the same figures we obtain from the platforms (uber, Tunbridge Wells Taxi, etc.)

Thus, that a concession is charging its client for this collection or delivery service oscillates between these parameters. If this is the case and the price is not decisive, but the loss of time, why do people continue to bring or pick up the car themselves at the dealerships? Only 16% of the users of a Premium brand concession use this service.


This is due solely and exclusively to reasons of trust,

People are reluctant to leave their largest investment asset or their second largest investment asset in the hands of someone unknown. Who does not know and does not trust how they will take care of their vehicle on the way from their home to the dealership.

We know that there is a fear of knowing who I leave my vehicle with. This fear is overcome once they verify that our driver is punctual and pick up or delivers the vehicle at the schedule time with the client.

Once they see that they true professionals properly uniform and with exquisite treatment towards the person. Who gives them their car? Once they verify that the anti-COVID measures that apply in their vehicle are more than fully complies with to avoid contamination.

Only when it  tests, it is decide not to personally take the vehicle back to the dealership and leave it in the hands of professionals for service,

Tunbridge Wells Taxi Delivery and Collection services

Before it has said that in the best of cases only 16% of the clients of a concession are capable of requesting or testing. The collection and/or delivery service at home.

I have also said that the price is not determining or conditions our decision, as long as it is reasonable, to request the service.

Trust is what prevails the most when using this service, and statistical data is enough to support this statement.  I already have confidence in your company and its drivers, why am I going to waste time going to take my car to a service or repair that does not give me any pleasure, I have many more things to invest my free time in.


In my case, I will not waste my time on this type of task again. Which is the same as buying from Amazon or ordering a meal at home. I know what I am going to find and the service that I am going to receive and for that I am willing to pay. If necessary because some concessions even offer it to me for free.


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