How to Draw A Red Panda

Red Panda Drawing

How to Draw A Red Panda. When you hear the word panda, you probably think of the big black and white panda. However, the red panda is very different from its namesake.

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While the giant panda is a powerful animal, the red panda is much smaller and cute! This creates sense since the red panda only shares a name with the bigger bear.

However, his cuteness has made him very popular worldwide, and many people would like to know how to draw a red panda.

How to Draw A Red Panda

Step 1

For this tutorial on how to draw a red panda, let’s start with the cute smiley face! There are a lot of small details on this face, and it might look complicated, but if you take it slow, you shouldn’t have any problems!

You can try to draw some basic shapes with a pencil. You could draw an oval for the head and then use small triangles for the ears.

Then you can use your pen to add the finer details onto this pen to make it look more like our reference image.

If you follow the picture closely and take your time, you will surely make it!

Step 2

Now that you’ve sketched the head of your red panda design, we can start adding more aspects in this second step.

First, you can draw thin branches with tufts of thin leaves at the end.

The red panda will be clinging to some bamboo branches in this picture, which you drew in this step.

So before we go any further, let’s add some fur detail to the face using some small jagged lines.

Step 3

In this step of our guide to drawing a red panda, we will add eyes and another branch for it to hold on to.

You can draw two small circles with a round line inside for the eyes.

Then when you have drawn the eyes, you can create a few more branches by adding more leaves and the thicker part where they stick. Finally, you can draw a big hairy arm hanging from the branch.

Step 4

Next, draw the body lying on the branch for your red panda drawing. The body is a combination of straight and jagged lines for the coat.

Another leg is also lowered onto the branch, as shown in the reference image. Finally, you can draw more leaves from the red panda’s back.

Step 5

Before adding some color to your picture, you can add the final details and elements in this step of our guide on drawing a red panda.

Draw A Red Panda

First, you can draw the bottom of the branch and add more leaves that pop up. Here’s how to draw a big, bushy tail hanging down the panda’s back.

This will take into account all the details and elements of this guide! Before moving to the final phase, you can add your touches, details, and elements.

A great addition would be to create an interesting background for this image to show where this red panda is relaxing.

You can even draw other animals in the background. You could add a giant panda to show the contrast between the looks of these two pandas!

Step 6

Now that you’ve completed your red panda drawing let’s add some pretty colors!

As the name suggests, red pandas have a lot of red coloring, and we included that aspect in our reference image.

Red Panda Drawing

Besides the red, we also used some brown and orange tones for some variety. We used slightly darker shades of brown for the stem and a nice light green for the leaves.

However, that’s just one way to colorize this image!

While sticking with the more realistic colors like our image, you can incorporate more colors you love by tinting background elements and details you may have added.

You can also achieve some amazing color variations by choosing which art mediums you will be using. You can modify it using acrylic paint or colored pencils for more vibrant colors.

On the other hand, watercolors and colored pencils would give the picture a softer and more graceful look.

Your Red Panda Drawing is Finished!

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