Is it better to use a template to write a CV?

Is it better to use a template to write a CV?

Studying the methods used by successful people is a smart move if you want it to be successful. A quality resume is essential for a career-minded individual. Many people rely on resume templates because writing a fantastic resume can be so difficult.

If you are looking to create a CV for the very first time, there are a few services you can use to assist you. You can format your resume and arrange its components with the aid of specific CV templates in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Additionally, there are online tools that ask for information from you on a form before producing a complete CV for you. So, is using these services a good idea? What are the pros and cons of using these formats for your CV?

Here are a few key advantages and disadvantages of using a CV template:

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1- They will assist you in eliminating procrastination

A CV template will encourage you to get started if you frequently spend hours fiddling with your Word document’s margin settings. After all, a screen with a lot of white space can be intimidating. Particularly if you haven’t written many CVs before. Sometimes finding the ideal starting point is all that’s necessary to make everything else work out. A template will help you keep your focus and give you the direction you need to complete the task.

2- They may be appropriate for your situation

The use of a template does not require that the content be generic. There are numerous options available to match your skills and experience level. Thus, templates are a great option whenever you need to explain a challenging career break, have just graduated from college, or are looking for a doctorate CV template. Additionally, since the majority of templates are written by committed CV experts, you can be sure that what you receive will be organized logically and structured in a clear and concise manner.

3- They will help you save time

The quickest way to prepare your CV for a recruiter is to use templates. Therefore, if you’re pressed for time and eager to start the application process, it’s the ideal way to expedite your job search without having to start from scratch. This means spending less time formatting your CV and more time writing each section carefully. Something that could come in handy if you need to get back into work as soon as possible or can’t afford to lose any potential earnings.

4- More Job Applications Are Acceptable

When applying for a job, you must tailor your CV to each position. If you’re applying for jobs that are vastly different from one another, you should consider creating a new CV for each one. Hence, using a CV template will enable you to customize your CV for a given position. And that implies that you can eventually apply for more jobs. Just remember one thing: the more you apply for the more job prospects you have.

5- They help in remembering what you should include

Certain sections of a resume are expected by employers. If you omit any of them, your submission could end up in the trash. Templates are helpful in this situation, especially if you can find one created with the goal of landing your desired position in mind. They can serve as a reminder of the sections you must include, ensuring that the recruiters receive all the data they require.


1- They are not always dependable

You won’t find success with every template you download, unfortunately. Always consider where you purchase them from and how well-known the brand is before deciding if it is the best option for you. It’s unlikely that choosing the first item on a Pinterest board titled “Hopes, Dreams, and Other Musings” will lead to success.

2- They are not the final product

Use caution if you use a template for your resume because you lack the time to create one from scratch. As your career develops, you can always add to the templates you use as a base for your applications. Your CV will have a higher chance of success if you customize it to the job requirements and your personal experiences. You won’t stand out for the right reasons if you write it in the shortest amount of time possible.

3- They are incapable of detecting errors

Everyone makes errors on their CV, template, or no template. The problem is that relying too heavily on them can lead to a failure to cover the fundamentals. Poor grammar and spelling will stand out to employers like a fatigued thumb, and without a second set of eyes to check your CV once you write it, it can be challenging to catch these mistakes. A good way to start is to ask a friend or member of your family to read it. An alternative would be to use a reputable CV review service,

4- You Might Look Like Everyone Else

You must realize that other people are also aware of the benefits to use CV templates. This means that you may use the exact same template as the other applicants for any given position. Of course, a recruiter isn’t going to dismiss your CV because they see you have used Microsoft Word to create it. However, there are no points for originality.

5- Templates limit your creative freedom.

You have complete creative freedom to design your resume however you want if you’re starting from scratch. In contrast, templates have a predetermined design and layout, which makes them quite restrictive. Some of them, but not all, allow you to experiment with the various sections. Many template layouts can’t be changed because doing so would mess up the design and ruin the whole thing.

Final point

Our last point is neither right nor wrong. Instead, incorporating professional cv writing company styles in your cv is a smart move if you want to succeed. You can also look at other students’ CVs as an example to get some inspiration (Butler, 2021). It’s not always a bad idea to model your resume after someone else’s. While it can make things more concise and help you list your skills and experience more effectively, it can also cause you to adopt a style that is inappropriate for your position in the workplace.

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