Lead Generation Ideas for Helping the Business Grow

Lead Generation Ideas for Helping the Business Grow

Lead generation is an essential aspect of the sales funnel, and it is considered the lifeblood of the business. According to a study, 74% of companies say that converting leads into customers is their main priority, and B2B lead generation plays a crucial role building a pipeline of high-intending prospects for the business. By following the best lead generation practices, you can increase conversion rates and gain considerable profits.

What is Lead Generation?

The lead generation process is essential; it embodies identifying and targeting potential new customers to cultivate their interest in what all your business has to offer. It also involves a clear understanding of the customer journey and developing an interest in the prospects by providing them full information about your products. You should build interest to such an extent that your customers will contact you to get more information and could even end up purchasing your product.

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Creating lead generation is very important for sales and marketing, and this is where businesses get their precious pool of prospects. Thus, they can eventually become loyal customers.

Stages of the Lead Generation Process

The lead generation processes for businesses differ depending on the complexity and purchase cost. For an e-commerce business, it could be a way to promote it online. It could also be filling up forms or increasing email subscribers.

Following are the four main stages of lead generation-

1. Awareness

It is the first stage to make your prospects aware of your business. You can do that by analyzing their journey and getting to know about their interests.

2. Education

After creating awareness, you must build trust for your services and products. You can educate yourself with the help of newsletters, and webinars and you can educate your leads in the best way. This helps you showcase your experience, expertise and resources.

3. Evaluation

In this stage, the prospects evaluate your brand as a whole, and you can also further convince your leads with the help of free trial offers and demos. 

4. Purchase

You must show all your leads how they can get the desired results with your solution.

What are the Top Lead Generation Practices You Should Know About?

1. Provide real-time sales assistance with live chat

The focal point of any type of business is to deliver real-time outbound sales services and assistance to the customers to increase their sales and profit percentage. One of the best lead generation channels is live chat, and using live chat tools can be an excellent lead generation idea. It also empowers you to respond instantly to all sales queries.

How to create lead-generation ideas with live chats

  • Deliver real-time sales assistance

You can instantly connect with your customers through live chat to answer all their sales queries.

  • Shorten the sales cycle

Engage with your visitors when they have doubts about the product’s pricing range.

  • Reduce the bounce rate

You should keep your customers engaged when the bounce rate falls.

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2. Automate your lead generation with chat bots

Chat bots are used as B2B lead generation ideas to automate sales tasks, and you can configure the chatbots to prequalify the leads when your sales agents are unavailable. You can also build an effective sales bot and train with relevant questions to qualify visitors. 

How to generate sales lead ideas with chat bots?

  • Identify your audience

Chat bots can help you segment your target audience based on needs and expectations.

  • Prequalify leads

Bots also tend to ask questions to your visitors and then provide options to prequalify them.

  • Hybrid assistance

Businesses can provide hybrid support to customers by using a bot for simple queries.

  • Lead nurturing

You should nurture your qualified leads based on their entire journey for making a sale.

3. Use the social media platforms as lead generation ideas

All social media channels can serve as one of the best lead-generation channels, and it also helps to build the face value of the brand. With the help of all social media platforms, you can create an active audience and help expand your audience and also build stronger relationships with them. Following are the critical social media lead generation tips-

  • Social media advertising

You can come across lead-generation ads on many popular social media channels.

  • Run contests on social channels

You should try to run contests on social media platforms and try to arouse curiosity about your business on social media.

4. Omni channel support for lead generation

One of the best practices for lead generation is adopting an omni-channel approach which connects all the channels like phone, email, website etc., to connect with the customers over their preferred communication channel.

Omni channel communication strategy also helps to gain valuable insights into how the customers have interacted with the brand. You can use customer journey maps to meet all your customer needs.

  • You should identify lead generation objectives and measure the activities.
  • You should determine how you will generate leads by inbound marketing.
  • You should also track your leads and offer support across respective channels.

5. Provide real-time assistance with live engagement tools

There are many instances when messaging has not had much impact, this is when visual interaction comes into the picture and when customers are on your website, they also might face some issues such as difficulty in understanding the product demo video, or any other information related to the product.

You should wisely choose customer engagement in such scenarios as voice chat or delivering real-time assistance to your customers. Co-browsing also helps many companies accomplish annual improvements.

6. Create valuable content to generate leads

Content marketing is very effective for your business and smart content marketers know that they need to deep dive into your business for it to be successful. However, your success depends on the kind of content you are able to produce on a daily basis. When your content is interactive, it will engage your customer and also capture all the interested leads.

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