Sterling Silver-The Jewelry of Daily Wear!

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Wearing beautiful jewelry is everyone’s desire, but having a Jewelry Collection which can work for your everyday wear is quite a task. Everyone wishes to wear their favourite ring, pendant, or bracelet in their everyday life. But wearing your gold jewelry in your day-to-day life may not make you look very modern. To solve this problem, we have got Sterling Silver jewelry. Sterling Silver gives you a beautiful look and goes with your daily wear, that’s why it’s a perfect choice. Let us get to know a bit more about Sterling Silver jewelry now!

What is Sterling Silver jewelry?

Sterling Silver is the standard silver that is used to make different Jewelry items. Pure silver is often not preferred for making jewelry because it’s too soft and may break too. But in the case of sterling silver, it has got 7.5 % Copper added with the rest 92.5% of pure silver. This 7.5% copper gives strength to silver and makes it strong enough to have beautiful collections of Jewelry from it. It is also called 925 Sterling Silver which indicates 925 parts of silver out of the total thousand. It is the completely pure and authentic standard of silver in the market.

Best Sterling Silver Jewelry to go for!

Here are the top best choices of customers when it comes to choosing from the Sterling Silver Collection:

Sterling Silver Pendants– This is the top choice of women around the world. Women buy these beautiful lightweight sterling silver pendants which they can wear in their daily lives. Whether it’s their professional workplace or at their home, these beautifully designed pendants make them look even more beautiful and mesmerizing.

Sterling Silver Bracelets– This is another very popular choice among women. These pretty and aesthetic designs of silver bracelets attract a lot of women across the globe to go for them. These look very beautiful on their hands and also maintain their professional attire at the same time. These bracelets find their place in everyone’s heart, irrespective of age group. From teenagers to working women, everyone finds bracelets to be one of the most comfortable jewelry items.

Sterling Silver Rings -Rings are one of those sections which attract both men and women. Men also have a great love for rings and sometimes even more than women. These extremely magnificent designs of Sterling Silver rings catch everyone’s eyes towards them. Wearing these shining and impressive rings makes you portray your personality in a very impactful way.

The cherry on top goes when they are studded with some kind of birthstone in it. That can give you the most unique look in a room than all others.

Let’s get to know more in detail about this Birthstone Jewelry here.

What is Birthstone Jewelry?

So basically, according to our month of birth, we all have different zodiac signs. These unique Zodiac signs have their specific Gemstones attached to them. And it is believed that wearing these Gemstone Rings can have positive effects on your daily life. They are supposed to work on your weak points and let you make better decisions, have a light heart, and fill you with positivity. They are also supposed to help you with your chakras too. Do you know about Chakra Jewelry? If not, let’s get to know about it here.

What is Chakra Jewelry?

Well according to the theory of Chakras there is a total of seven Chakras in the human body. These Chakras are the 7 stages in the process of human awakening. It’s a spiritual process by which you can get above all the materialistic things and know about real life.

According to these 7 Chakras, 7 Gemstones help you in opening these Chakras. Here is the list of seven gemstones with their specific Chakras associated with them.

  • Green Fluorite-Heart Chakra

  • Red Aventurine-Sacral Chakra

  • Rock Quartz-Crown Chakra

  • Sodalite-Throat Chakra

  • Tiger’s Eye Stone-Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Red Jasper-Root Chakra

  • Amethyst-Third Eye Chakra

Some more examples!

Let’s get to know about some more beautiful Birthstone Jewelry that looks beautiful on a Sterling Silver Ring.

Moonstone Jewelry: Moonstone has the precious white color of the moon which makes it one of the all-time bestsellers. Demand for moonstone jewelry never goes off. It is also supposed to have calming effects on your human body and mind which makes it more effective as gemstone jewelry.

Moldavite Jewelry– Moldavite gemstone is a very rare birthstone but its dark green color shade gives an extremely powerful look in the form of rings. Moldavite is supposed to work on your heart chakra and helps you feel energized. Wearing a Moldavite ring can surely make you look amazing and impactful at the same time.

Opal Jewelry– Opal is another very popular option. It is so much loved because of its Milky shade which gives it a blissful look. A beautiful Opal stone over a shining sterling silver look is one of the best things anyone can imagine having.

If you’re also looking to have such a beautiful Sterling Silver jewelry collection or if you want to trade in wholesale gemstone jewelry, visit the site of Rananjay Exports and their mind-blowing collection of gemstone jewelry will make you fall in love with them. They won’t let you down with their designs and collections at all.

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