How to choose your bar stools in 4 steps?

Often in home furnishing, it’s the less difficult items to buy that are the hardest to choose, and the bar stool is one of those elusive products.

From the height to the style of stool, including the type of material and the design, we reveal all the steps to help you in your choice.

Here is our guide to choosing the right bar stools.

Step 1: How to choose the height for your bar stool?

It is essential to measure the height and depth of the bar stool in relation to the height of the counter or bar.

There are a multitude of stool heights: bar stool, kitchen stool, high stool, low stool… Browse these models at Homary.

The average height of a kitchen worktop is between 90 and 92 cm. So the height of the stool should ideally be between 64 and 69 cm high to allow your legs to fit comfortably under the worktop. A stool of this height is perfect for an average sized adult whose feet can rest on the floor while seated, allowing an easy transition to sitting down and getting up from the stool.

In general, keep in mind that the height of your seat should be about 30 cm lower than the height of your table or worktop.

Seat type Seat height table height
Chaise 45-50 cm 72-78 cm
kitchen stool 64-69 cm 90-92 cm
Bar stool 75-80 cm 105-110 cm
Office chair 40-52cm (adjustable height) 72-78 cm

Step 2: What are the types of bar stools?

Bar stools come in a wide range of shapes and styles, so before making a decision, it’s important to consider your comfort needs. Would you like armrests, a backrest, footrests… In addition to the comfort of the seat, find the style that will complete your space.

Here are the most common styles you will find.

– The one-legged bar stool

The central foot can be rounded or square. It is often equipped with a non-slip strip for added safety. They are mostly height adjustable and swivel for maximum mobility. This model will find its place in a modern style.

– The four-legged bar stool

Its great stability makes it practical for all users. Its appearance is more traditional than the one-legged model.

This type of bar stool is generally not adjustable in height and is very rarely rotatable.

– The swivel stool

These bar chairs are characterized by their seat that can rotate at a well-defined angle.

The swivel stool is incredibly useful for bar stools. In particular, it facilitates exchanges and movements by guaranteeing a less fixed position.

– The bar chair (with or without backrest)

Backless stools have their merits. They’re great for the minimalist look and they slip easily under the worktop (great for a tight space) but they’re less comfortable for long periods of sitting. If comfort is your priority, opt for a stool with a backrest.

–  The bar chair (backrest and armrest)

In addition to giving your interior a friendly atmosphere, they are the most comfortable, especially when you sit for a long time.

A small backrest helps support your lower back and can easily be stored.

For daily use, it is recommended to choose a stool with a large backrest.

Step 3: Which material to choose for your bar stool?


For an industrial look, in a loft spirit, metal (or steel) will look great. It seduces many interiors with its ease of maintenance and robustness. Its price is more affordable than wood.
It can be formed, cast, cut, bent or shaped to create unique bar stool designs.


Do you prefer softer and more natural atmospheres? Wooden high chairs can fit into many styles of kitchens, including rustic or country kitchens, or traditional and modern kitchens.
Beyond its look full of character, wood is a solid and resistant material.


Less expensive than wood and metal, its price remains the most affordable choice and accessible to all budgets.
They are lightweight, durable and often available in an array of attractive colors. Black or white for neutral colors or go for green, orange, red, brown. It all depends of course on the atmosphere you want to give to your space.

Step 4: Which coating to choose?

If you have a young family with small children, upholstery is best avoided. Instead, look for something durable and easy to clean like molded polypropylene, metal or wood.

However, if you can’t resist stools covered in fabric or velor, there are some very effective waterproofing products.

Leather and faux leather stools are still very popular because they allow for easy maintenance. Using a slightly damp microfiber cloth will be enough to ensure that they remain flexible and stain.

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