Understanding What Your Car Needs?

Signs That Your Car Needs the Services of a Mechanic

Owning a car, in current times, has become more of a need than a want. From running house errands to traveling to work or even taking a vacation away, it fulfills our commute needs. Thereby, helping us perform well in our routine life.

Just like we need to rest and relax to perform better the next day, our car needs the same. For enjoying optimum car performance, one should ensure proper car maintenance for a hassle-free and smooth driving experience.

A Quick Checklist

You don’t have to be a mechanic whiz to keep your vehicle running. Simply stay aware of your car’s needs. Either ensure regular checkups yourself or look out for options of car service to make sure your car is in the best condition.

Here are a few quick checkup points to help you stay on top of your automotive maintenance:

Oil and Coolant Levels

Every few months or so, check the oil and coolant levels of your car. They should be at the optimum level for smooth car drives.

Low levels of the car can cause problems to the engine and other car parks. It should also be checked during winters when the temperature falls, and oil thickens. You might need to get the oil changed or get it checked by a mechanic.

Clean Air Filters

The air filters work to regulate the airflow and eliminate any dust/dirt particles from entering the engine. In doing so, this helps to improve fuel efficiency, decrease harmful emissions and even ensure the longevity of the engine. These air filters can easily be checked, changed, and cleaned at home, by simply following the instructions from the manual.

Tire Pressure

Before heading out on a long drive, it is important to check the air pressure in the tires. At times, they seem to look fine, when in reality, the air pressure is not at the optimum level. A deflated tire is the last thing we would want in the middle of a highway when traveling at longer distances.

During winter times, the air pressure falls low every few degrees. Checking the tire will tell you how much air your tire needs. Optimum tire pressure will not only save you from a punctured tire but also give you a speedy and smooth driving experience.

Depending upon the weather condition in which you drive, the tires also weaken. Common signs are reflected when they de-flat or puncture quickly, it takes longer to cover the braking distance or decreased traction. When these signs start to show up, it clearly reflects the need to change the tires. Such tires won’t provide a favorable driving experience in rainy or icy weather. Changing them timely is safer and makes driving easier.

Lights, Lights, And Lights

Lights should be checked to ensure they are functioning well. Driving with low or bad lights is dangerous for you and others altogether.

Make sure you check all the lights, including headlights, turn signals, brakes, and parking lights. They all are built to serve a purpose and should not be overlooked. They serve as means of communication between cars when you are on roads. Bad lights mean bad communication and can result in accidents and in adverse cases, deaths.

Oil Change

The engine oil lubricates the moving car parts, reduces wear and tear, and prevents corrosion. With time, it gets unclean and needs to be changed.

It is advised that the oil and oil filters be changed every three months or after every 3000 kilometers. These also depend upon the car’s condition. Newer cars can go between 5000 to 10000 kilometers easily with one oil change. The oil change timings can further be checked by the car’s owner or consult a professional. All of it is done to make sure the engine continues to perform optimally.

Seasonal Checkups

Some of the car needs vary after months of usage and need to be changed.

Windshield wipers are one common example. With usage their effectiveness reduces and they no longer can clean your windows flawlessly. They can also get stuck or be of no use if not working properly during the rainy season. Once their performance reduces, they should be replaced with new ones, so that the vipers can fulfill their purpose.

Batteries are an important component as they provide electric current to start the engine. Extreme temperatures can affect it and should be checked in extreme weather.

The coolants should be checked too. The fans serve the purpose of cooling the heated engine. If it stops working or malfunctions, the car can heat up beyond the allowed levels and bring car to a stop.

Most importantly, cleaning your car also remains productive. By availing of proper services of car washing in Dubai, one can eliminate the accumulation of dust and maintain a shiny look for a longer time.

The Takeaway

By keeping a quick check of these factors, and keeping a record of maintenance, you can extend the life of your vehicle and stay protected. Continuous checkups greatly reduce the chances of coming across breakdowns, expensive repairs, and any other unwelcome surprises.

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