What is Cloud Computing? – Tutorial, Definition, Meaning

What is Cloud Computing? – Tutorial, Definition, Meaning

If you are on the lookout for learning the basics of Cloud Computing, then you have to come to the right place. This article states all the basic level things that you should know before learning about the more advanced mechanics of Cloud Computing.

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is known as the delivery of IT resources over the internet to meet demands with a pay-as-you-go pricing process. Instead of purchasing, owning, and then maintaining physical data servers and centers, you can rather access technology services like computing storage, databases, and power on an “as you need basis.” There are many providers for this, and you can choose their services.

Examples Of Cloud Computing In Various Spheres

Here are a few examples of Cloud Computing being used in different areas:

  • Cloud Storage Services

The number of providers of cloud storage is growing every day. Each of them are competing over the amount of storage that they can provide to the users. It’s a competition of numbers. Right now, the clear leader in Dropbox – they are a pro cloud storage provider enabling users to access files on any device through its website or application; also additionally providing them an extra terabyte worth of storage for free.

Facebook is another example. It can store an infinite worth of information and data on it – in the form of videos, images, and texts on people’s profile. They can also be easily accessed on different devices.

  • Cloud Computing Education Services

In recent years there has been a heavy implementation of technology in education too. Young students are already advanced in the tech field, so now schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are adapting to it too. For example, Slide Rocket is a platform that helps students in making presentations and also submitting them. 

Students can even give presentations through web conferencing – all on the cloud. Another tool that the teachers use is called “Ratatype,” – which helps students to learn to type faster and also offers students online typing tests that track their progress.

Tip: If you have come to this article looking for the answer to “which statement describes a characteristic of cloud computing?” — then the answer is that an application can be accessed over the Internet by any business or user using any form of device and from anywhere in the world. 

Models Of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is only accessible and feasible to the end users because there are several models and services working behind it. There are two types of models working for cloud computing – (1)Deployment Models and (2)Service Models.

(1)Deployment Models

The models under this define the type of access to the cloud. There are four types of models under this:

  • Public

Allows services and systems to be easily accessible to the general public. As a result of this they are less secure. 

  • Private

It is only accessible to people within an organization. As a result, this results in increased security because of its private nature.

  • Hybrid 

This is a mixture of both private and public form of cloud. The vital activities are then performed by using a private cloud, and the non-critical activities are then performed by using a public crowd.

  • Community

This allows access to multiple organizations.

(2)Service Models

Service models are the reference models on which cloud computing is based. There are three basic types of service models:

  • Iaas

Iaas stands for “Infrastructure at a service,” which contains the building blocks for Cloud IT and basically provides access to computers (whether be it dedicated hardware or virtual), data storage space, and also networking features. Iaas provides a person with the highest level of management control and flexibility over IT resources. It is very similar to the already pre-existing IT resources that many developers and IT departments are familiar with today.

  • Saas

Saas stands for “Software as a service” and gives the users a finished and completed product that is managed and run by the service provider. In the majority of cases, people, when they refer to Software as a service, refer so to the applications which are end-users.

A very popular example of the Saas application is a web-based email service where a user can both send and receive email without having to handle additions (features) to the email product or even maintaining the operating systems and servers that the email is running on.

  • Paas

Paas stands for “Platforms as a service.” They remove the need for organizations to manage the already existing infrastructure (usually operating systems and hardware) and allow their users to focus solely on the management and deployment of applications. This helps in the users become more efficient as they don’t need to worry about software maintenance, resource procurement, capacity planning patching, or of any such thing – involved in running an application.

To Wrap It Up!

That was it for the tutorial on Cloud Computing and various other information related to it.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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