3 Unusual Symptoms Of A Chronic UTI You Should Know

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Chronic UTIs are infections in the urinary tract that keep coming back or don’t get better when they are treated. Your kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra are all parts of your urinary system. Any part of the urinary tract can be affected by a UTI. If the infection is only in your bladder, it is a minor illness that is easy to treat. But if it gets to your kidneys, it can be very bad for your health.

There are some common UTI symptoms, like a burning feeling when you urinate or having to go to the bathroom often. However, there are also some unusual symptoms. These include feeling tired and having a confused mind. Read on to find out about these strange signs you should never ignore.

What are the four strange signs of a long-term UTI?

Mental state of confusion

UTI symptoms in older people are often unusual and hard to understand. There may be bacteria in the urine of the older people, but the patient may not have any of the usual signs. Because of the UTI, older people may become confused or feel dizzy. These unusual, long-lasting UTI symptoms are caused by the infection’s effect on the immune system of the person who has them. If the UTI isn’t treated, it gets worse and spreads to the kidneys, which can cause severe symptoms.


You might not think of fatigue as a sign of a long-term UTI when you think of it. But a lot of women feel tired before they notice any other signs of a UTI. It depends on a number of things, like health, age, and how bad the infection is. You may have a weak immune system because of the medicines you take, an illness, or old age. In the early stages of a UTI, you are more likely to feel tired because of this.

High fever, chills, and sweating at night

If the UTI infection spreads to your kidney, you may get a high fever of over 101°F (38.3°C). You may also get chills and sweat a lot at night. Most of the time, these aren’t typical signs of a UTI, and you might not even think of a UTI. If you are unsure about these symptoms, you must visit your doctor soon. Your doctor will do all the tests you need and give you the best treatment for a chronic UTI.

Side Pain

A UTI is often marked by pain when you urinate. Other pains, on the other hand, are not typical signs of a UTI. For instance, if the infection gets to your kidney, you might feel pain on the side. It happens because the infection makes your kidneys swell up and gives you a steady, aching pain. Others have pain all over their pelvis that doesn’t go away even after the infection is gone.

How can you stop a recurrent UTI?

Some people tend to get UTIs over and over again. Here are some suggestions.

Wipe from front to back after you pee.

urinate often, especially after making love.

Drink a lot of water to get rid of germs in your body.

Wear underwear made of cotton.

Don’t wear tight pants.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, and sodas, which can irritate your bladder.

Chronic UTIs often cause burning when you urinate, a lot of urination, or pain in the area around your bladder. Other strange symptoms, on the other hand, are not signs of a UTI. Some of these are tiredness, mental confusion, and even chills. If you have these signs, you shouldn’t ignore them. Instead, you should see your doctor to get the best diagnosis and treatment for a chronic UTI.

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