Lanvin Sneakers – Is Investing In Luxury Footwear Worth It?

Lanvin sneakers

Are you curious as to why designer shoes are so popular? If you’re new to luxury shoes, you may not be aware of all the reasons why shoes are an investment, so we’ve compiled a list of the most popular reasons why designer Lanvin sneakers are so popular.

Without a pair of designer shoes, a woman’s closet is incomplete.


Shoes are essential fashion accessories. They can elevate an otherwise mundane ensemble, and they are frequently works of art in terms of creativity and craftsmanship.

Desirable designer shoes can be resold for a higher price than they were originally purchased for. Not only are designer heels desirable, but secondhand trainers and sneaker trends can be resold for four times their original price.

Unique and limited-edition shoes have a greater chance of appreciating in value over time if you’re looking to resell luxury footwear.

With online shoe releases, you frequently compete with people from all over the world for the same pair of shoes. This is one of a number of factors that determine whether the value of a pair of shoes will rise:

Consumer demand: 

Consumer demand:  If more people are interested in a shoe model than the shoe company produces, demand increases and resale prices rise.

Limited edition releases:

Some popular shoe releases are limited edition, with small production runs. Others are exclusive to particular markets. Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour release limited quantities of player-exclusive merchandise to the public. These are specialised versions of footwear given to athletes. As soon as they are released to the public, their resale value begins to soar.


You anticipate brand-new releases to be in pristine condition. However, there is also a secondary market for used shoes, and their condition plays a role in obtaining the highest price.

Does It Justify The Investment?

Therefore, is it worthwhile to purchase these types of high-end sneakers, whether they are from designer labels or performance sports brands? Frequently, the answer is “yes.” If you can afford to purchase more expensive sneakers without having to make too many sacrifices, then this is typically an easily justifiable purchase. Reasons why:

Better Quality Equals Greater Comfort

The greater the design and construction quality of your sneakers, the more support they will provide for your feet. High end shoes are designed with more than just aesthetics in mind, and will not only make you feel like you are wearing the best shoes to walk around in and generally wear, but will also provide the appropriate joint support and shock absorption if worn for the activities they were intended for (though be sure to invest in the right kind of sneakers if you want to run, hike, do aerobics or play sports in the – different activities have different requirements).

High end Fashion That Can Be Worn Daily

If you are interested in investing in designer pieces to upgrade your wardrobe, selecting designer-label sneakers will provide you with something that you can wear frequently enough to justify the expense. Consider, for instance, this line of Balenciaga sneakers from the online retailer SSENSE. SSENSE is a fantastic online retailer that carries the newest collections from your favourite designer brands, and while you can also find beautiful evening shoes and every other type of designer footwear you could want here, sneakers are a great place to start if you want the most wearable results from your luxury shopping.

Excellent for each Season

The sneaker is also unique among clothing and footwear in that its appearance and functionality are relatively unaffected by climate. This means that you can invest in a pair that you adore and wear them with your seasonal ensembles throughout the year.

Invest in Lanvin leather curb sneakers from a reputable to buy quality products!

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