Cartoon Duck Easy Drawing | Duck Easy Drawing Tutorial

Cartoon Duck Easy Drawing | Duck Easy Drawing Tutorial

Easy Drawing Since Ernie, the jovial Muppet on Sesame Street, first sang the popular “Rubber Duckie” to his best bath companion, rubber ducks have been regarded as the traditional bathtub toy. The song climbed to number 16 on Billboard’s popular songs chart! Since then, children have been praising their water play friends.

Simple Duck Easy Drawing

But there’s no need to limit this duck to a basic kindergarten drawing assignment—older students can connect it to art history. Easy Drawing, you know that Florentijn Hofman, a Dutch artist, made a series of enormous floating sculptures of yellow rubber ducks that can be seen worldwide? The harbors of Sydney, Hong Kong, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Kaohsiung, and Baku have all reported seeing them.

Showing students images of Hofman’s enormous ducks in one of those harbors and then asking them to create their rubber duck with objects around it to indicate its size would be an interesting exercise for kids studying PROPORTION (one of the Principles of Design). Although I am unsure of Hofman’s specific intentions, I believe that the work’s excessive PROPORTION had a significant role.

Step By Step Duck Drawing


  • Create the duck’s body by drawing a broad curve in the center of the paper or chart that extends to the right and tilts downward, as shown in the illustration.


  • Draw a downward-curving question-mark-shaped curve over the top edge of this curve to create the duck’s head.


  • The upper portion of the duck’s body is formed by a second curved line that looks like an inverted “U.”


  • Draw two upward-slanting zigzags to represent the duck’s tail, starting from the curve’s right edge.


  • Draw a concave curve connecting the head and neck portions at the head portion.


  • A median line separating the upper and lower beaks should be used to represent the duck’s beak.


  • Draw a curving line representing one of the duck’s wings in the center of the body portion.


  • On the wings, draw three curving lines to represent the feathers.


  • Draw a little black circle to represent the duck’s eye in the middle of the headpiece, close to the beak.


  • Draw a tiny curve going inward from the base of the beak, just below the eye.


  • Draw two tiny parallel lines at the bottom of the duck’s respective body portion.


  • From the intersection of the parallel lines mentioned above, draw two additional lines that stretch outward toward one another.


  • Add zigzag lines to the margins of these two lines to create the duck’s webbed feet.


  • Draw a second leg with webbed feet a little behind this limb, as seen in the illustration. Your sketch of a duck is now complete.
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