How to Make Prints of your Art


At a few points, every artist subsequently considers selling their artwork. Some personal works will usually live in the artist’s ownership, but others may be created for commercial sale. But let’s face it, each job that you produce is personal. The artist will always position a piece of themselves in every detail they invent. So, promoting their work and “letting it cross” to someone else is insufferable for some. For those artists, setting a charge on something you have poured yourself into is unattainable.

Before we discover the alternatives, let’s discuss the kind of prints you’ll want to provide to your shoppers.

The correct news is that you won’t ever permit go of the original work to share it with the arena – and make a take advantage of it. Instead of selling the original work, you may sell prints.

The print market is massive, and for years, it has been out of reach for many artists. In the beyond, you would need to discover a fine art print producer to produce, distribute, and promote the prints for you. Or you can purchase prints immediately from a printer and promote them yourself – but distributing them on a vast scale became very tough. These routes are nonetheless taken by using some artists these days, but if you want to maximize your earnings, then the first-rate answer is to print and promote them yourself.

Fine Art Prints

There are many options for printing your work. Your purchasers will call for quality, and also you’ll need to offer them this. For this motive, your prints need to meet the industry’s popularity.

The best approach is to offer Giclée prints. Giclée (reported “zhee-clay”) is a process of printing that ensures an excessive degree of toughness and is first-rate to the image. It is likewise very “genuine” to the unique work of artwork.

If you are unfamiliar with Giclée printing, it is undoubtedly an excessive quality print, usually produced on a cutting-edge, large-format inkjet printer.

For most folks, the same old inkjet printer in our houses will no longer produce a Giclée print. It can make a stunning reproduction, however, no longer necessarily one considered a “Giclée.” To create a charming Giclée print, several conditions must be met concerning the printer, the ink, the surface, and the image’s resolution.


Giclée prints are typically produced using colossal format inkjet printers that feature small spraying apparatuses that practice the ink exactly and shape the colors similarly well.


The ink needs to be of excessive first-class and taken into consideration “archival.” This is generally performed with the use of inks which can be pigment-based in place of dye-primarily based.


The surface is essential as a Giclée print must be printed on an “archival” floor. This can be watercolor paper, rag paper, canvas, or any particularly-designed printing paper classified as “archival.”


Most virtual photos are recorded at 72 dpi, or “dots per inch.” While this decision is suitable for digital photographs, it isn’t always as much as the usual of a print, which needs to be printed at least 300 dpi. The resolution can effortlessly be altered using an image editing program consisting of Photoshop or Gimp before printing.


Printing Through a Print Company

Since there’s a small barrier to entry into the print marketplace, you could consider having a print organization produce Giclée prints for you.

Printing reproductions of your work thru a printing corporation may be high-priced; however also worth the investment in a few situations. You’ll want to be sure that you may sell your prints before investing in the use of a print employer. The first-class photo is reliable if you’re confident that you promote.


There are numerous expenses to recollect. Many corporations rate for the scanning and coloration matching of your paintings, now and again called a “setup rate.” Depending on the organization you work with, you may need to buy prints in bulk. This is only sometimes the case, as some corporations allow you to purchase character prints at a much better value. Most offer discounts on bulk printing, making it an experience to buy many photos. Beyond the price of setup and printing, you’re also likely to must pay for transport. You can see how the fees can bounce in no time.

Print Your Art With Your Equipment

Because the fee to use a business printing business enterprise can be pricey, many artists opt to make their prints.

One component to cautiously bear in mind is the best of the print. You no longer want to provide images that aren’t an excellent investment for your buyer. In this manner, you’ll want to supply high-quality, long-lasting photos for years. 

Printers for Giclée Printing

If you’re considering creating unique prints to promote, consider investing in your printer. When purchasing a printer, search for those using pigment-based inks consisting of Epson’s UltraChrome K3 inks.

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