Advantage of Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy | Types of Massage Therapy

Massage is trained, scientific manipulation of soft tissue body parts, it is firmly applying pressure back and forth on soft tissue commonly back part of the body. Massage has proven as a good treatment for people with regular back or waist aches. It relaxes body muscles and makes you feel relaxed and fresh. It is bliss. For a better experience of Massage, Olive oil is used to apply on the massage area as its gets absorbed slowly into the skin and helps in smooth movable pressure. There is quite a few benefits of Massage therapy, but before that let’s first talk about some of the types.

1. Swedish Type Massage – This is the type of Massage for which you must remove all your cloths except undergarments. If you are having your first treatment or want a way to relax, then this type should be your top priority. According to studies done on people receiving Swedish. Massage, it is found that it reduces tension and anxiety score. It is also considered great for circulatory tissues.

2. Sports Type Massage – This type is mainly for Athletes or a person with physically demanding lifestyle. It is a combination Massage of stroking, Swedish style, vibration, stretching, trigger point, kneading, compression and percussion. It focuses on joints, muscle groups, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues.

3. Shiatsu Type Massage – Shiatsu is a word which comes from ancient Japanese word which means ‘finger pressure’. It’s a perfect treatment for loosening body muscles and improving circulation. The benefits are that it decreases stress and tension, and also helps in having a better sleep at night.

4. Hot Stone Type Massage – This is like the Swedish style Massage and only difference the therapist uses a heated stone for this Massage. It’s best for people with muscle pain, stress, tension and anxiety. Its benefit is that it eases body muscles, improves blood circulation in the body and helps in relaxation.

5. Aromatherapy Type Massage – It’s a soft and gentle Massage for which therapist use essential oils. It’s perfect for people who want an emotional healing component. It boosts your mood, helps improve emotional factors, reducing tension, stress and anxiety.

6. Deep Tissue Massage – This is like Swedish style Massage but with more applied pressure. The therapist uses slow stroke and forces finger pressure. It helps with muscle soreness, injury and chronic muscle pain.

7. Percussion Type Massage – This type is also called ‘New foam Rolling. For this therapist delivers the Massage with a Percussive Gun which helps reach deeper muscles. It reduces stress and bring better blood circulation

8. Reflexology Massage – Reflexology Massage, also ccalled ‘zone therapy’. In this type therapist uses different amountss of pressure to hands, feet and ears. According to researchers, it is stated that Reflexology boostsss mental health and improveseses people’s health.

9. Thai Style Massage – This Massage is about applying gentle pressure combined with stretching for body relaxation. It’s said that Thai Massage has a lot of scientifically proven benefits.

10. Quick Massage – This is best for people wanting quick Massage on shoulder, neck and back. The therapist uses slight, medium pressure on the body. It will help relieve stress and also enhance muscle relaxation.

Now let’s jump into depth benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage has physically and mental benefits. The first benefit of Massage is that it relieves your tension, depression, anxiety, stress and other factors related to it. If you are dealing with constipation, a stomach massage can help you get away with it. In fact, it was found that abdominal massage helps people to deal with post- surgery constipation. If you are a sports person, a sports massage can help you with muscle tiredness and special massage on joints, knot and muscles can help relaxation. Even if you are normal person, a Swedish style Massage can help your body relaxed, increase blood circulation and relive you from stress and tension.

In common Massage also benefits from diseases like insomnia and high blood pressure, it has been proven from studies that it helps in getting better sleep at night and improves blood circulation system.


In the end let’s recap on what are the topics that we covered in this topic, we first learned about what a Massage is and different types of it. We talked about the benefits of each type of Massage. And in the end, we got the in-depth benefits of Massage.

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