What is the Grayscale of an Advertising SMD Screen Display?

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If you run your own business, SMD Screen, you should be aware of how advertising is efficient and provide no result when executed using unproductive techniques. Companies invest a significant amount of money to promote their products and services. Many ask, what is the most efficient and tested method of advertising? Thanks to the recently developed LED advertising display, marketing process has been made easy and efficient. However, when choosing a displays for advertising, some are prone to ignoring the grayscale of the display. In this article, I’ve reviewed the greyscale use by the advertisement SMD Screen and can help you choose the ideal display for your advertising needs.


Grayscale is a term used to describe a technique in the field of color science. In the simplest sense it can be described as the variety of gray shades with no apparent color. The darkest shade is black, which is the one that does not have reflecting or transmitted light and the lightest shade is white, which indicates the presence of reflected or transmitted light. Grayscale images differ from black-and-white bi-tonal one-bit images which are also referred to as binary or bi-level images, since they are only composed of two colors, white and black. In contrast, grayscale images contain many shades of gray between, measuring the intensity of light at each pixel based on the weighted mixture of wavelengths or frequencies.

For technology used in display grayscale is the primary element in the display of colors, the greater the level of gray is, the deeper the color, the better the image, and the more detailed the images. Images that are grayscale to be displayed on a screen are usually stored using the equivalent of 8 bits for each sampled pixels. This allows for an array of 256 gray shades to be stored, and can also simplify computation since each pixel can be taken as an individual byte.

What’s the scale of a LED display’s grayscale?

Once you are aware of the grayscale, let’s talk about how grayscale works in LED displays is. Display screen screens, it refers to the variety of shades that a color may be able to have, ranging between light and dark. Grayscale is a crucial aspect when choosing the kind of LED display for advertising. The more grayscale you have the higher the display’s quality however, there are other factors that affect the quality of the display.

Levels of Grayscale

Let’s now discuss the different grayscale levels. Grayscale levels are typically measured by bits. The majority of indoor and outdoor LED displays come with 13bit grayscale which is an extremely attractive and pleasing display. But the quality of images improves as the grayscale is increased. For instance, the LED display with a grayscale value that is 14 or more displays the most vibrant and vivid display. Therefore, the degree of grayscale is just as important.

Differential between brightness and grayscale on the display LED

Usually the brightness and grayscale of LED displays is considered to be the same however, there are some distinctions between the two. Let’s discuss those differences. Grayscale is also referred to as half-tone and is utilized to transmit images. The grayscale is used to determine the clarity of the picture. Contrary to that, the brightness of LED displays is the perception of light that is reflected through the screen. In addition grayscale is a set of shades that do not have any visible color. It is only a source of brightness information but it does not contain the color. The brightness of the screen together with the grayscale will determine what the image quality is. Image.

How do you choose the most efficient LED display that has the correct grayscale?

I will assist you to find the most effective LED display with the appropriate grayscale. When purchasing an advertisement LED display make sure you check for the greyscale on the screen. Should you be looking for an efficient display for advertising for your advertising campaign? I’d like to recommend the top product you could purchase, i.e., Astor series produced by Unified SMD Screen.

Astor series are specifically designed to be used in rental indoor applications. The experience of viewing is amazing. There are many benefits of making use of this display, a few of which are listed below:

Maximum screen flatness

Modular design to make maintenance easy

Super light in weight i.e., 7.4kg

The installation is extremely easy and fast.

It is shaped in any way, including an angled, flat, or corner screens based on your needs.

Beautiful display and high resolution


In 2011, Unified was founded. Unified is among the most reputable global LED display solutions. We specialize in all kinds of LED advertising solutions. Provide fast delivery to any part of the globe. We are your top supplier of SMD Screen supplier. Purchase your Astor range from Unified and elevate your marketing to the next stage. Contact us now.

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