Digital Transformation Of Healthcare- Challenges We Face!

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Digitization is being experienced in almost all the popular industries. The upcoming tech trends are influencing transformation in commerce, food delivery, e-learning, healthcare. Businesses have also pushed them self towards digital platforms.

Similarly, to meet the patients’ needs during & after the pandemic, the healthcare sector also extended the medical healthcare facilities to digitize their users. Popular types of applications in this domain include online consultations, medicine delivery, AR/VR check up and much more.

Telehealth is used to deliver convenient, cost-saving services and the chance to provide care to people in rural areas who don’t have a facility of a local doctor or clinic.

This growth of technology within the healthcare industry made the doctors more reachable during the pandemic, which resulted in observing the sudden changes in its functioning. At the same time, other sectors have continued growth in adopting technology compared to healthcare.

Relish The Boost in Digitization in UAE’s Healthcare Industry!

The UAE has welcomed the digitalization for healthcare before the pandemic. The demand for home delivery of medical services to those suffering from a serious disorder was initially increased in the UAE. This results in the better use of digital healthcare platforms to its users.

The growing demand is promoting healthcare app development in UAE to focus on developing a more convenient solution for users. It has pushed the growth of the industry in the same region.

New technological adoption in Healthcare 

New technologies like digital communication technology were adopted by healthcare applications. This allows patients to connect with doctors through a smartphone while staying at home. It helps in remote monitoring of patients and smooth communication of their medical conditions.

Artificial intelligence provides the ability to improve on their own. This new technology in healthcare will surely make improvements in taking care of the patients.

Advantages that come up with new tech trends 

Healthcare technology keeps focusing on improving the user’s experience. However, healthcare stakeholders have to introduce new tech trends into their online platforms to stay up to the mark while delivering convenience.

To look at how technology can be combined to improve the patient’s experience in the healthcare industry, focus on the many abilities offered by machine learning. Artificial intelligence can help healthcare experts improve their UX as each patient has a different health record.

AI and other machine learning capabilities will continue to be inserted into the healthcare system. Based on their unique health conditions, they can tell outcomes and provide advice to patients and their doctors on how to move ahead towards best.

Challenges faced during the adaptation of technology

Many industries have adapted technologies previously, but for the healthcare industry the adoption triggered after COVID.

Since the digitization of healthcare was delayed a lot, we would be exploring all the challenges in the same.

Here are two challenges that were seen during the adaptation of technologies in healthcare.

  • Patients want to be treated by doctors

Even when technology has proved to be unbeatable time and again, many people still have a mindset that they don’t want to get treatment online through applications. Instead, they only wish to follow the conventional technique.

But after the mhealth apps came into existence, the 24*7 availability of doctors made them trust these applications.

  • Digital Risk

Healthcare is a sensitive industry, where maintaining medical records and patient’s data security is most important. The biggest challenge faced by mHealth apps is the digital risk caused by cyber attacks. Mobile app developers need to come up with techniques to minimise threats and boost digital safety.


Healthcare will add value to consumers when it evolves with developing technologies and instructs its users on best utilizing these adopted technologies.

Healthcare app development company in UAE must continue to optimize these technologies for the benefit of patients. Integration of these new technologies will be highly convenient  for both doctors and patients.

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