What Is Ayushya Homam Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits?

Ayushya Homam

At the Ayushya homam, people worship the god of life, Ayur devta. By participating in this type of event, one receives blessings for a long life. The Ayushya Homam was taught by the sage Bodhanya in the Bodhanya Sutras. If the child has been ailing for a considerable amount of time, performing this Ayushya Homam is advised.

The youngster should have this Ayushya Homam once a month until they are well. However, Ayushya Homam is only performed once a year, on the first day of work. It begins the day after the child turns one.

Ayushya Homam: What Does It Mean?

Purohits urge sick children to take the Ayushya Homam. A homam is carried out as part of the naming ceremony when a child is born. If the child recites this prayer, their life will be full of health and happiness. Ayur devathai is worshipped on the day of the Ayushya Homam in order to live a long and successful life.

Age and the desire to live a happy and healthy life are both referenced in the word “Ayush.” The main goal of Ayushya Homam is to lengthen human life by minimizing health issues.

By drastically lowering health issues, Ayushya Homam dramatically raises living standards. Obtaining the blessing of Ayur Devata, the God of life, is the main objective of this Ayush havan. By reciting this havan, anyone can assure themselves of a lengthy and healthy lifespan.

Important Components of Ayushya Homam

  • Ayushya Homam is performed to obtain blessings for longevity and health.
  • All ages are welcome during the Ayushya Homam.
  • The pandit consultation is used to determine the Ayushya Homam date based on Janma Nakshatra.
  • During Ayushya Homam, worshippers pay homage to Lord Ayur Devtha.
  • Steamed rice is the major component of this Ayushya homam.


  • To ensure long life, offer an AYUR deity worship and recite Ayusha Suktham.
  • Anyone of any age can benefit from the re-energizing effect.
  • Ayushya Homam deserves praise for eliminating the negative consequences of pregnancy, which improves a person’s general well-being.
  • This homam can be performed to ward off untimely death. It raises the standard of living.
  • Anyone who wishes to be happier and have better mental and physical health can undertake the Ayushya Homam ceremony.


  • When it comes to assisting individuals in finding healing from both physical and mental issues, Ayushya Homam is highly successful.
  • Through Ayushya Homam, the detrimental consequences or bad karma from previous incarnations are removed. This helps the person’s general well-being.
  • Ayushya Homam is the most effective at lowering the negative impacts on the environment and the likelihood of mishaps, illnesses, or other health issues.
  • When someone has a dasha in their second, seventh, or eighth house in their horoscope, the Ayushya Homam should be done first.
  • The disciples of Ayushya Homam receive assistance in removing the negative effects of the planets.


99Pandit will provide an Ayushya Homam price based on the location and type of service. Ayushya Homam typically costs between 5,000 and 15,000 rupees. This Ayushya Homam requires a maximum of three pandits. The additional Ayushya Homam rituals would all be performed by one pandit.

Other pandits will chant the mantra to summon the gods to the havan kund, on the other hand. The finest way to promote longevity, good health, well-being, and safety is through the Ayushya Homam ritual. You can do this Ayushya homam for a newborn or a sick family member. Online reservations are available for pujas such as House Warming Ceremony.

When Does Ayushya Homam Begin?

The auspicious day to perform Ayushya Homam is the day the child is born on the day of the star (Janma nakshatra) who will perform the ritual. The ideal shubh day for Ayushya Homam is believed to be the child’s first birthday. If the child is ill, this homam, which is typically administered at ear piercing on the child’s first birthday, can be performed at any age.

The date of the Ayushya Homam should be determined using the native’s Janma nakshatra. This Ayushya Homam can be performed on an auspicious day after consultation with Pandit Ji if the child is ill or in a critical circumstance.

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