Blue World City Abroad Block – Plot Sizes and Booking subtleties

Blue World City

Prologue to Blue World City

We present you with quite possibly the most requested private society in Islamabad with every one of the sumptuous conveniences. One of the central issues of Abroad Pakistanis is that they have no clue wherein land society to contribute. Thus, Blue World City is the private society that got every one of your interests.

The Abroad Black in this lodging society is legitimately supported by Rawalpindi Improvement Authority (RDA) alongside the enrolled No Complaint Authentication (NOC). Besides, this task is conveying a lifetime opportunity for the venture to Abroad Pakistanis. Having a legitimate and endorsed property in your nation is a stand-out open door that you and your age will appreciate.

The Abroad Block has various plots which incorporate private and business plots. The private plots include:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Likewise, the business plots in the Abroad Block are following:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Many plots are accessible for Abroad Pakistanis in the Abroad Block. The incredible thing about this private society is that it is created by the enormous names of the land area. Blue Gathering of Organizations (BGC) and Saad Nazir own this creating and regarded society. Moreover, in an extremely brief period, this general public has acquired notoriety at the worldwide level.

Blue World City Abroad Block Plot Sizes

Blue World City Overseas Block is separated into private and business plots in Abroad Block. We consider Abroad Pakistanis very much like our nearby Pakistanis. Thus, the portrayal of the various sizes of plots is as per the following:

BWC Abroad Block Private Plots

BWC Abroad Block 7 Marla Plot:

In the event that you need a vast private plot, 7 Marla will be the ideal decision for you. You simply need to pay Rs. 192500 to get responsibility for the plot. For plot reservations, you need to pay around a 10 % initial investment with 4 years of simple portion plans. Besides, you should pay affirmation charges following two months and after this interaction, your affirmation cycle will begin.

BWC Abroad Block 10 Marla Plot:

In the event that you have a major family, you ought to pick 10 Marla plots with super-simple portion plans. The aggregate sum you need to pay is 2680000 and you will end up being the proprietor of your plots. Additionally, the different present-day offices are likewise accessible in this block only for Abroad Pakistanis.

BWC Abroad Block 14 Marla Plot:

This is exceptionally intended for Abroad Pakistanis that have rich and super current offices. Most Abroad Pakistanis pick this size of the plot since it finishes their expectation for everyday comforts and gives a casual setting. To that end, the engineers center significantly around current living and give a tranquil encompassing.

Moreover, the complete cost of this private plot is Rs. 3650000 with a 10 % initial installment. The administration additionally works with unfamiliar Pakistanis with helpful portion plans. Thus, begin your appointments now!

BWC Abroad Block 1 Kanal Plot:

The 1 Kanal private plot in the Abroad Block of Blue World City gives entrancing perspectives and roomy land. This is the place that is known for your fantasies on account of its really astounding view. Subsequently, this open door is presenting itself at your entryway.

BWC Abroad Block 2 Kanal Plot:

The Abroad Block is turning into a traveler’s objective as a result of hypnotizing sees cause you to feel invigorated. Thus, hold your plot around the hypnotizing perspectives on Islamabad with a booking measure of Rs. 616000. For the affirmation of the 2 Kanal plots, you really want to pay Rs. 385000. In this way, 7700000 Rupees is the round total for 2 Kanal private plots.

BWC Abroad Block Business Plot

BWC Abroad Block 5 Marla Plot:

With high venture benefits and innumerable open doors, Blue World City gives its inhabitants present-day and sumptuous business regions. You need to pay 750000 Rs. For the 5 Marla plot reservation and 9400000 Rs. For ownership waiver. Moreover, the remainder of the sum could be paid in portions.

BWC Abroad Block 10 Marla Plot:

This is perhaps the best business plot in the Blue World City Abroad Block with an initial installment of 1400000 Rs. The aggregate sum of 10 Marla plots in this business is just 15000000 Rs. The sum will be partitioned into a 4-yearly portion and an affirmation expense.


The appointments are open in Blue World City for buying your ideal size plot. We give online offices to our Abroad clients. Thus, stand by no longer and reach us in the given subtleties. Blissful BOOKING!

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