For a Household Staff with a luxury domestic staffing agency!

Finding household help for a luxury property is best and fastest done by working with a luxury domestic staffing agency. Having a housekeeper is a luxury that not only wealthy individuals and families can afford.

To enable a business, it should be mentioned that many homes employ live-in nannies and housekeepers. Without access to home help, it can be quite difficult for a family with two working parents to function normally.

Never forget that wherever there is money and expensive assets, there is a need for administration, maintenance, and upkeep.

Private service providers like estate managers enable their clients to relax knowing that their loved ones, boat, or other possessions are in capable hands.

How many household staff are needed for a mansion?

An average recommendation for staff size is one housekeeper for every 3,000 square feet, according to reports. But that’s not all. Most of the time, the owner has expectations that go beyond a neat home. But here is a list of the various occupations that might be required in a mansion:

For a Luxury Home, a reliable nanny was required.

  • Domestic manager

A home manager is a main administrator who oversees a mansion as its general manager. They oversee smaller vacation homes, vineyards, stables, yachts, and private planes in addition to managing and supervising employees. They are also in charge of budgeting and managing household money.

  • Maid

Be aware that some homes require maids for the kitchens, parlors, upstairs, ladies’ maids, and chambermaids. These positions, which are more common in opulent homes, are in charge of keeping a certain area of the house clean and maintained.

Personal or lady maids may be expected to take care of an employer’s hair, assist with dressing and undressing, organize her wardrobe, and prepare for outings.

  • Butler

The butler is typically the most formal person on the household staff. Many top candidates will have a qualification in wine knowledge and have gone to a specialist butler school.

Keep in mind that a butler is skilled in etiquette, is in charge of keeping silver and crystal, and organizes events like dinner parties. They are also in charge of managing other members of the domestic staff.

  • Private chef

An elaborate meal and food are prepared by a private chef for an individual or family and their social events. Notably, they are in charge of organizing, cleaning up, buying all necessary food-related supplies, and preparing the menu in relation to food or the kitchen.

An accredited culinary school degree is also required for a private chef, and some focus on certain cuisines including French, Asian, and gluten-free diets.

  • Housekeeper

Managing other personnel, keeping the house, cleaning, dusting, laundry, polishing silver, ironing, vacuuming, and other chores are among the responsibilities of a housekeeper. Additionally, they might have to cook some meals or watch the kids.

A skilled housekeeper will provide knowledge of proper serving, setting the table, organization, and excellent care for the furnishings and artwork. A housekeeper could live indoors or out.

  • Laundress

You should be aware that a laundress arranges the closets and drawers in addition to washing, ironing, and caring for the bed linens, tablecloths, and clothing. They typically know how to care for pricey materials and accessories as well as how to restore clothing. They might be required to handle shoe polishing as well.

  • A private assistant

A personal assistant is tasked with taking care of the principal’s social and occupational needs. The family calendar, grocery shopping, event planning, paying bills, and bookkeeping are just a few examples of potential responsibilities. Generally speaking, the personal assistant should be extremely discrete and conscious of the 24/7 nature of the position.

  • Family unit

Keep in mind that a married couple frequently divides the following responsibilities among themselves: planning the menu, handling domestic chores, cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry, and serving.

The other individual is in charge of maintaining the outdoor grounds, gardening, carrying out modest repairs and maintenance, and caring for the vehicles. A domestic couple typically avoids the need for the employer to hire extra workers since they are capable of successfully managing a large home as a unit. Housing is usually provided.

  • Caretaker

The home’s facade, interior, guest houses, and salt- and freshwater pools might all be completely in their hands. A reliable nanny frequently requests professional handyman/maintenance chores and will have a broad and in-depth practical understanding of grounds and property maintenance.


Finding household help for a luxury property is best and fastest done by working with a luxury domestic staffing agency. However, nothing can replace your personal experience, even while we can provide you the most of the guidance you need for determining how many domestic workers are essential and restricting prospective prospects depending on your lifestyle.


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