Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal: The Couple Behind Sweden’s Leading Micro-Farm


Finding time during the day to garden can be very difficult. In Sweden, however, a couple have found a way to make gardening more manageable. This article will discuss the time-saving benefits of an irrigation system that uses wireless technology.

What is Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal?

Since 2010, the Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal micro-farm has been producing high-quality produce for Swedes and tourists to enjoy. Led by husband and wife duo Niclas and Anna Ulriksson, the farm specializes in producing fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers using a minimal amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The farm also offers guided tours of its facilities, which are open from May through September.

Ulriksdal is a charming, historically-rich estate in the heart of Stockholm. It’s also the home of one of Sweden’s leading micro-farms, Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal. The couple behind the farm, Greg and Linda Nordin, have been working to develop small-scale organic agriculture since they first got married in 1995.

Today, Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal operates as a self-sufficient micro-farm, producing a wide range of crops including fruits and vegetables, herbs, grains, eggs and meat. The Nordins also run a retail store onsite that sells their produce directly to the public. They hope to eventually expand their operations to include additional acreage and create a model for sustainable agriculture that can be adopted by other Swedish estates.

The Nordins’ story is just one example of how small businesses can help revitalize urban areas and promote environmental responsibility. By supporting local economies and promoting sustainable practices, we can help to make our cities more livable and environmentally friendly hubs for everyone moln mobil .

The History of Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal
Sweden’s Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal is a leading micro-farm, and the couple behind it are some of the country’s leading environmentalists.

Michel and Christina Ekman started Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal in 1996 as a small vegetable plot in their own back yard. Over time, the farm has grown into one of Sweden’s largest micro-farms, with over 60 hectares (150 acres) under cultivation.

Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal is dedicated to producing organic vegetables using traditional methods that are sustainable for the environment. The farm relies on natural sunlight and rainfall to produce crops, and does not use any artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

The Ekmans are passionate about their work at Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal, and they have played a major role in promoting organic farming in Sweden. They have also made significant contributions to Swedish environmentalism, working to protect Sweden’s natural resources and promote sustainable economic development.

How to Reach Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal

Step 1: Get to Ulriksdal
Ulriksdal is located in the southern part of Stockholm and can be reached via public transportation, car, or bike. The nearest subway station is Slottstorget.

Step 2: Plan your visit
When planning your visit to Ulriksdal, remember to consider the time of year. The gardens are open from April to October, and during winter they are open for walks only. If you’d like to see the garden’s produce in action, be sure to visit during their weekly farmer’s market on Saturdays from May until September.

Step 3: Get a map
If you plan on touring the garden extensively, it will help to have a map with you. The Ulriksdal Garden Museum also offers maps and guides for visitors interested in learning more about the history of the garden and its plants.

Step 4: Get oriented
Once you’ve arrived at Ulriksdal, it’s important to get oriented. The main entrance is located at Slottstorget (the castle), but there are other entrances as well – Kokkledgatan (east entrance) and Valhallagatan (west entrance). All entrances lead down into a courtyard where signs will point you towards specific areas of the garden.
The layout of the gardens changes frequently due to renovations and new plantings so be sure to ask one of the gardeners if you’re not sure where something is.

What to Expect at Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal

If you’re in Stockholm and looking for a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal is the perfect spot. The couple behind the property—Ulrika and Magnus Karlsson—have been running it as a micro-farm since 2006, and they’ve built it up into one of Sweden’s leading attractions.

You’ll find more than 20 different types of vegetables growing on the property, as well as fruits like apples, pears, and plums. And if that’s not enough to sate your hunger, they also have a small cafe on site that serves organic food made with locally sourced ingredients.

But what really sets Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal apart is its location. Plus, there are plenty of walking trails nearby that will let you explore the surrounding area all at your own pace.

Why Should You Visit Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal?

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Stockholm, make the trip to Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal. Here you’ll find the couple behind Sweden’s leading micro-farm, which operates out of a picturesque 18th century garden.

The farm boasts over 60 different kinds of fruit and vegetables, all of which are grown using sustainable methods. In addition to eating your own produce, you can also tour the farm and learn about the couple’s dedication to organic agriculture.

Whether you’re interested in food sustainability or just want to see some beautiful flowers, Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal is worth a visit.

Recommended Readings and Resources

If you’re looking to learn more about Sweden’s leading micro-farm, Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal, be sure to check out these recommended reads:
– “The Couple Behind Sweden’s Leading Micro-Farm” by Anna Höglund: This article features the story of Tove and Ulf Lundgren, who started Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal in 2003 with just a couple of acres of land. Today, their farm produces over 1 million pounds of produce each year, making them one of the country’s most successful small businesses.
– “Sweden’s Top 10 Micro Farms” by Matilda Andersson: This post explores some of Sweden’s top micro farms, including Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal. It provides information on how each farm operates and what makes them so successful.


When Ulrika and Jörgen Slottsträdgården decided to start a micro-farm in their spare time, they had no idea just how successful it would become. Today, they are one of Sweden’s most well-known and respected entrepreneurs, with their farm supplying more than 300 restaurants and grocery stores all over the country with fresh produce. In this article, we take a look at what makes Ulrika and Jörgen such an innovative couple, as well as their journey from backyard farmers to internationally renowned businesspeople. Thanks for reading!

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