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best shisha flavours

There are many different shisha flavours, and everyone has a preference. If you haven’t tried it yet, shisha is both a tobacco product and a herbal substance. It is smoked through a water pipe or hookah. This article discusses the best shisha flavours offered and provides more information on some of the most well-liked tastes. There are many tastes to pick from, each with its unique appeal when you shop at reliable merchants, dispensaries, and online stores.

Favourite Shisha Flavors


When using a hookah, mint-flavoured shisha is used to flavour the tobacco. It’s common for people to want to cover up tobacco flavour. One taste that contributes to this is mint, which is why beginners to hookah smoking frequently choose it. Mint is sometimes thought to have an unexpectedly potent kick. One solution might be to combine it with different best shisha flavours. Smokers of all levels like mint’s distinctive aromas when combined with other ingredients. Mint has a strong menthol flavour that complements its refreshing taste. Some smokers enjoy the cooling menthol “kick” that comes with shisha. 


Grape shisha contains grape extract, which contributes to the tobacco’s flavour. There are numerous types, including white, red, and blue grapes. Grape is frequently used with other fruit-flavoured tobaccos; it goes well with apples and strawberries. Some people compare the smoke it creates to wine since it is pleasant and fragrant. Before or after meals, people frequently enjoy grape shisha.


Strawberry shisha frequently includes molasses, honey, flavourings from fruit juices, spices, or other ingredients. Strawberries make a great addition to the hookah smoking experience. Strawberries’ sweetness helps to balance tobacco’s acrid flavour. In the majority of hookah cafes, this flavoured tobacco is available. The greatest time to enjoy strawberry shisha is after dinner with dessert. Everyone enjoys strawberries, so contrasted to the more potent mint scents; this common flavour offers a refreshingly gentle taste impression.


A smooth, pleasant smoking experience made possible by apple shisha is ideal for every situation. With a mild acidity, its distinctively sweet flavour is evocative of green apples. Apple is a preferred fruit flavour for those who appreciate fruit-flavoured shisha due to its acidic and sweet-sour qualities. In addition, apple’s sweetness blends well with mint, making it a cooling choice for smoking in the summer. Apple shisha offers that wonderful complement to hookah night for any event, such as a relaxed smoke session with friends or a backyard party.

Double apple, one of the most well-liked shisha flavours at Vape Vandal, is offered online along with a selection of other flavoured-shisha blends. This shisha’s flavour is sweet and tart and contains CBD oil. Double Apple is tobacco-free and contains no nicotine, much like all of Vape Vandal’s other shisha products. Honey, cane molasses, glycerin, hemp extract, and flavourings are all blended in this herbal concoction to provide the calming effects of CBD and hemp. The Double Apple Shisha from Vape Vandal is expertly prepared to deliver a tasty and smooth smoke with each bowl. Each can you buy 200mg of premium CBD.


Try peach if you want the best shisha flavours! This delectable fruit offers a cool, somewhat sweet flavour that is ideal for smoking during the summer. The majority of brick-and-mortar and online tobacco merchants carry peach shisha, which is also generally simple to locate. Try putting a few little pieces of frozen or fresh peach fruit in your base for a special spin on your shisha! To fit comfortably in your bowl, chop the fruit into little pieces. After usage, properly clean the bowl. A few lemons or lime slices also improve the flavour. Peach offers a pleasant smoking experience, whether you’re having a summertime BBQ or just want to get away from it all.

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