Get The Amazing Benefits Of Timber Flooring In Adelaide


Are you thinking of renovating the interior of your home? 

You must get your hands on timber flooring! Timber flooring is one of the top flooring solutions for homes due to its beautiful appearance and durability. You can increase the value of your property by installing them in your existing or new home—no matter where you live. 

Also known as wood or hardwood flooring, this type of flooring is a product made from wood that provides a warm and comfortable feeling on the feet. Because of its beauty, durability, and value, timber has long been a preferred flooring choice among most households. And now that timber floors are more affordable than they were previously, more people are considering upgrading their floors. 

If you’re not sure whether to replace your current flooring with wood, dive deep into the two main types of timber or wood flooring—engineered and solid timber flooring.

Engineered timber flooring

Engineered timber flooring is the most popular way to achieve that authentic timber look and feel, with options ranging from classic Australian species to the ever-popular European and French oaks.

Designed to be inserted as a floating or direct stick and utilised practically immediately, engineered wood has a plethora of additional alternatives, including extremely wide planks. People frequently confuse it with veneer flooring, although they are not the same. The veneer layer of engineered flooring is often thicker than 2 mm. Furthermore, the engineered timber flooring installation is easy and can be set on top of the underlayment material.

Benefits of engineered wood flooring:

  • Engineered wood flooring is constructed from layers upon layers of plywood that are glued together before being covered with a solid wood lamella or top layer. This makes it extremely durable and can withstand significant pedestrian traffic in both household and commercial settings.

  • Engineered timber flooring installation is simple and does not require any special skills.

  • Because the plywood core is engineered hardwood, it is resistant to deformation even when exposed to dampness regularly.

Solid timber flooring

Due to its adaptability and ability to readily fit any design, solid timber flooring in Adelaide is being preferred by a rising number of homeowners.

Typically, a hardwood floor is made of solid wood, which can include a variety of species like cherry, oak, maple, walnut, bamboo, mahogany, ash, and others. Furthermore, regardless of whether your home is modern, contemporary, rustic, or historic, this sort of flooring can give it a feeling of elegance, luxury, and individuality. So, whether you’re remodelling your home or building a new one, solid hardwood flooring is the right choice for you.

Benefits of solid wood flooring:

  • The best thing about a solid hardwood floor is that it is simple to clean and requires little care. This type of flooring is perfect, especially for homeowners who have a busy lifestyle and cannot always find time to clean their floors.

  • One of the most significant advantages of wood flooring is its adaptability to practically any interior design concept in your home. No matter how often you are inspired to alter the mirrors, wall paintings, ornamental accents, or other decors in your home, the flooring will always look fantastic and complement your preferred concept.

  • When other floors seem damaged and worn, the solid hardwood floors continue to flourish and appreciate over time.


No matter which type of wood flooring you use for your needs, the bottom line is that timber flooring has many more benefits than any other type of flooring.

Get in touch with First Choice Flooring if you want to buy new flooring, have inquiries about your existing flooring, or need any type of maintenance for your timber flooring.

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