What do you need to know before you visit Dresden!

Dresden, capital of Saxony land, eastern Germany is known for its museums, art galleries and other holds other historical institutions.

Dresden was called “The Florence on the Elbe” before World War II. As per history, it was the most beautiful city of the world and known for its architecture and art treasures.

World War II destroyed the city to such extent that all its treasures were damaged. The damaged sites were rebuilt again such as Zwinger, the Saxon royal palace and the Boroque buildings around the palace. A new city was rebuilt with the palace in the centre and the new infrastructure around it to preserve the beauty and the history it holds.

If you are an artist and looking inspiration, this place is masterpiece and blend of all arts and architecture. Dresden is also known for its great theatrical music tradition. It is the place where Carl Maria von Weber and Richard Wagner organized, where Richard Strauss premiered operas. World War II destroye the opera house but it was reconstructed. Dresden is home of state theatrical and Philharmonic Orchestra.

Best things to do when you are in Dresden

When you are visiting don’t forget to visit “Florence on the Elbe”, Boroque and Rococo architecture. Dive into the history by visiting these venues which display treasures, ancient weapons and paintings by popular ancient artists.

  1. Royal Palace- Residenzschloss
    Royal Palace- ResidenzschlossThe sumptuous Renaissance palace known as Residenzschloss is located in Dresden’s Inner Altstadt. There are two ongoing displays with a combined 3,000 treasures made of gold, silver, jewels, ivory, mother-of-pearl, and amber in the Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe) from the 16th century. A Rüstkammer (armoury) at the palace is home to elaborate armour, swords, and saddles, many of which were gathered between the seventh and eighteenth centuries. Purchase the combination ticket for a lower price as opposed to purchasing the separate tickets, which cost about €12 each for Residenzschloss and Grünes Gewölbe.
  1. See gardens and museums at Zwinger
    See gardens and museums at Zwinger

    Zwinger is a Baroque palace with elegant pavilions and galleries dating back to the early 18th century. Located in Theaterplatz, the complex has 3 museums displaying artefacts and paintings from Dresden’s vibrant past. The southeast end of Zwinger’s courtyard is home to the Glockenspiel House, a carillon with 30 bells made of Meissen porcelain. The Galerie Alte Meister (Old Masters Picture Gallery) displays over 750 paintings by renowned Italian, Flemish, Spanish, and Dutch artists. One of its most prominent artworks is the Sistine Madonna by Raphael Sanzio.
  1. Frauenkirche- See Dresden from above

    Dresden’s Christian community is served by the Frauenkirche, a fully restored Lutheran cathedral. One of its most striking features is a 67-meter-tall viewing platform in a stone dome. In the basement level, there is an exhibition space with original paperwork and pictures showing how Frauenkirche was rebuilt following World War II. For roughly €2.50, audio guides in German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, and Russian are offered. Tickets start at €8 if you want to ascend to the observation platform.

  1. Theaterplatz- Check out one of Europe’s largest porcelain murals
    Numerous historical sites, Baroque mansions, and lavish museums may be found on Dresden’s Theaterplatz, the city’s main square. One of the city’s most walkable neighbourhoods, you’ll undoubtedly take a tonne of lovely pictures throughout the day. The Fürstenzug, a 102-meter-long fresco from the 1870s, is a notable monument in this area. 35 past German emperors and notable figures are depicted on the porcelain tiles of the building. Zwinger Palace, Hofkirche (Dresden Cathedral), and Semper Opera House are just a few of the attractions in Theaterplatz that merit a visit.

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