Methods Of Halq And Taqsir For Umrah Pilgrims


For the performance of the Umrah pilgrimage, there are numerous ceremonies and rituals. To finish their Umrah tour, Muslims must perform these procedures. There is one of these rituals that Muslims must carry out after carrying out all other rituals. The haircut is that ritual that is associated with the Umrah travel. When they cut their hair, their performance of the Umrah pilgrimage is said to have come to an end. If you intend to perform Umrah, you must be aware of the requirements for getting a haircut.

Just as vital as other rites and customs of the Umrah pilgrimage is understanding the laws of haircuts. When male pilgrims give themselves a haircut, it is Halq; but, if female pilgrims give themselves a haircut, it is Taqsir. There is much more to learn about Taqsir and Halq. You must read this post if you want to learn more about Halq and Taqsir. Pilgrims can also take advantage of Ramadan Umrah packages UK with our us.

Halq And Taqsir For Umrah

A new question about this travel enters your thoughts if you’re making the Umrah pilgrimage. One of them is whether or not to trim one’s hair after doing Umrah rituals. After Umrah, men and women trim their hair in different ways. Men have the Halq haircut and entirely shave their heads. After the Umrah Rituals are complete, however, Taqsir is referred to as the feminine haircut. Before embarking on an Umrah tour with Ramadan Umrah packages UK, pilgrims must be aware of the various Halq and Taqsir laws.

Halq And Taqsir’s Method

Male and female pilgrims are supposed to follow a specific procedure for shaving their hair on their way to Mecca. They must cut their hair using this technique. Any other hair-cutting technique is invalid for the Umrah pilgrimage. When conducting the Rituals of Halq, men must have all of their hair entirely removed from their heads. When women conduct the Taqsir ceremony, they trim their hair to the level of their fingertips. For the sake of finishing the hair-cutting routine, a man who is already bald can run the razor over his head.

Rules Of Halq And Taqsir In Islam

Men have to fulfill a requirement to shave their heads for Halq. But women just need to remove a small amount of hair from their heads. When you travel for Umrah with 7 Continents Travels Ramadan Umrah packages 2023, you must adhere to these guidelines.

Men’s Haircut Guidelines

At the time of the Umrah performance, there are a few key haircut rules for men. Let’s talk about these guidelines so that we are clear on them. After Umrah, men should cut their hair in half. There is a requirement for men to entirely shave their heads for following the rituals. They are unable to partially shave their heads. It is because partial Haircut is for women. Even bald people cannot relax if they have no hair on their heads.

To complete Halq’s rites of the Umrah voyage, he must also shave his head. When getting a haircut, men’s faces must face the Qibla to perform Halq. Additionally, Halq begins from the right side. It is not valid for guys if you begin on the left side. Male pilgrims can perform the Halq ritual by themselves to cut this hair, they don’t need a barber. Men must adhere to these restrictions when performing the Umrah using from the 7 continents travel. These packages are very affordably priced.

Women’s Haircut Guidelines

The haircut After conducting Umrah Rituals, rules for women are entirely different from those for men. To escape the Ihram state, women must cut their hair. She has to have her hair half-trimmed. When a woman has a partial haircut, they cut their hair equal to the length of a fingertip. If a lady has short hair, she must also give it a slight trim to complete the Umrah rites after executing them. Women must also face the Qibla while getting their hair cut.


In short, both men and women must cut their hair at the end of the Umrah voyage to be released from the Ihram state. They are leaving the Ihram state after trimming their hair. They are no longer subject to Ihram’s regulations. After reading this article, you will have complete information about the Halq and Taqsir requirements for the performance of the Umrah pilgrimage. This article is important for you because you cannot exit the state of Ihram if you are unaware of the rules of Halq and Taqsir. You may understand it well by reading this article. This year, 7 Continents Travel has Ramadan Umrah packages UK for you to choose from.

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