what Is White Brow Paste and how can I use it?


White Brow Paste For Eyebrows Mapping has a thick, non-fat cream consistency, making it an essential tool for creating a sketch of the brows before correction and coloring. It is light on the skin and does not cling to it. White brow paste is non-irritating and is good for all skin types.


Use instructions: 

There are two ways to apply white brow paste.

  • The first method is to apply the paste to the shape of the brows with a wide brush.
  • The second method is to use a fine brush to draw intricate markings.

Remember to apply the sketch as neatly as possible, especially before coloring, because any henna that gets on the paste will not color the skin or the brows.


What are the benefits of using a brow paste?


  • Professionals’ preferred brow mapping paste
    Mina White Brow Paste is not only simple to use, but it is also incredibly healthy for the skin, which is why it is a favorite mapping paste among microblading and henna tinting pros worldwide. It makes it easier to draw flawless, defined, and finely structured brows.


  • A brow paste that is not too heavy.
    It’s a non-greasy, lightweight brow paste that delicately adheres to the skin without leaving it oily. The paste also aids in the prevention of skin stains and smudges produced by inadvertent color spillage.

  • Simple to use

Mina White Brow Paste does not require any further preparations for application. You only need to pre-cleanse your brows and you’re ready to go. Once the tinting is complete, just wipe away the mapping paste with a clean towel.

  • There are no hazardous chemicals added.

Mina White Brow Paste does not include any dangerous ingredients such as parabens, SLES, or SLS. It has also not been tested on animals, making it a cruelty-free brow paste.

Mina White Brow Paste is a simple paste that aids in achieving a picture-perfect brow shape while henna tinting or microblading. It’s a brow mapping paste that allows you to swiftly trace the contours of your brows before filling them in with eyebrow color. It also aids in the prevention of tinting errors and spillovers. You may also use Mina White Brow Paste while tinting your brows with eyebrow pencils.

There are no hazardous compounds, such as parabens or SLES/SLS. It is completely gentle and light and fits all skin types.

Using brow paste, you can quickly construct and isolate your shape, allowing for precise application and crisp results.

  • The texture and consistency are soft and silky.
  • Apply with your favorite flat or angled brush.
  • Clean, defined edges are created for faultless brow applications.
  • It is simple to remove with soap and water or henna oil.
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