How To Recover Money From A Scam

How To Recover Your Money From A Scam


This is the most common thing that hackers steal people’s personal information through unfair means while making online transactions, shopping or surfing the internet. In this way, they steal important information such as passwords and personal information through UPI and OTP frauds to steal innocent people’s money from their bank accounts. 

The cases of cyber attacks or internet scams have been increasing rapidly over the past few years. However, people are worried about how to recover money if trapped in a scam. 

RBI stated that, if you have lost your money because of an unauthorized electronic transaction, your liability might be zero but limited if you have informed police immediately.  

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Effective Ways To Recover Money From Scam

Trapping in cyber-attacks or internet scams is quite common nowadays because most people rely on the internet for shopping, ticket bookings, etc. Thus, while making transactions through the payment gateway, attackers get a golden chance to hack the personal information of users. 

In this article, we will discuss effective ways to recover money from scams. 

Inform To The Police ASAP

If in case you will become a part of an internet scam, file a complaint to the nearby police station as soon as possible. After filing a complaint, you get a crime number from the police that will help you in proceeding with a further investigation with your bank and other organizations. 

The scam case moves forward to Action Fraud which is responsible for solving all the issues related to cyber crimes and online scams. As a result, it will help to solve cyber scam issues shortly, and you might help in getting your money back. 

Contact Your Bank or Financial Organizations

You must contact bank that will handle all your transactions and be involved in making the payments immediately. Moreover, contact the customer care executive of the bank and explain to him/her the entire scenario of whatever happens. 

If you explain the entire scenario of the online scam immediately might be bank will help you or give you some suggestions on what to do or not. 

Freeze Bank Accounts

Freeze the bank accounts that you oftenly use, such as debit and credit cards or any other form of making payments or transactions. However, the fraudster has all your information, including banking details which means he/she will try again to loot your money in some other way. Thus, freezing bank accounts will save you from becoming a victim of online scams again. 

Contact Cyber Crime Cell

Suppose you made transactions through PayPal, NetBanking, UPI, or any other govt authorization mode. Moreover, in case banks or other parties won’t resolve your cyber attack issue, you must contact the cyber crime cell to get your money bank. 

It is indeed a fact that Cyber Crime Cell is particularly developed for solving cyberattacks or crime issues as they will definitely help users in getting their money back. 


To protect yourself from cyberattacks or internet scams, never ever share your personal information with anyone in any form – text, mail, or phone call. Most importantly, don’t save your banking or credit card/ debit card details while making payments on the payment integrations. 

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