Tips to Choose BBQ Catering Service for Office Party

Miami BBQ catering services

Whether you are planning a corporate event to impress new clients or appreciate your employees, a BBQ party will help you easily accomplish this goal. Miami BBQ catering services will deliver delicious food and excellent service. However, the biggest question is how to hire the best fit for your office party. 

We bring four important factors you must consider when hiring BBQ catering services in Miami.Read on to learn about them.

  • Budget

The first step is to decide how much is left in your budget for the BBQ catering service. Perform a quick estimate on how many people are invited and how much you are ready to invest in each individual’s meal. Reach out to the experienced and reputed BBQ catering service and request for a quote. 

Don’t go for someone who offers you a low rate. Find a caterer that meets all your requirement at a competitive price. 

  • Numbers of Guests

To get an accurate estimate for catering service, you need to determine how many people you have invited to the party. This number will also help you decide whether the caterer can handle this large group and are a perfect fit for your office party. Not every Miami BBQ catering service can manage hundreds of guests. Hire a caterer that can handle the volume without sacrificing food quality. 

  • Availability 

The availability of your chosen BBQ catering service is another crucial factor. You must check and ensure that they don’t have any other bookings on the time and date of your event. When you sign a contract with a caterer and pay them in advance, they are obligated to assure you that they will meet all your requirements on the day of your event. 

  • Enough Food for Everyone

You must ensure that there is enough food for everyone and no one goes hungry at the party. A thumb role to follow is cooking one pound of food for every adult. If you know that there are a few big eaters in your company, you might want to increase the quantity accordingly. Ideally, you can also have some leftovers if people want to take them home. 

Wrapping Up

When hiring a Miami BBQ catering service for your next corporate event, there are a few essential factors you must consider. Review the one mentioned above. You must have a good understanding of the stipulations mentioned in the contract. Ask for a detailed estimate before you sign the contract to protect yourself from any unexpected high bill. 

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