Descriptive Essay About Park: 799 Words

Descriptive Essay About Park

The park is the best place to relax and escape the daily life’s hustle and bustle. As an essay writer, we can forget about our difficulties by seeing all the natural beauty, such as flowers and birds. It gives our minds and thoughts a soothing feeling.

Descriptive Essay About Park

There are many parks that I have visited, but when I get too depressed and tired. When I want detoxification of my mind, I go to “New York City Central Park.” It’s my favorite park in the entire United States of America. It is situated between the high-rise buildings of Manhattan, New York City.

Central Park connects to many parts of the city as it has a rectangular land shape. The north connects to 110th street, and the south connects to 59th street. The west point connects to 8th avenue, and the east connects to the famous 5th avenue.

New York City’s importance is incomplete if we don’t talk about its Central Park. The massive skyline, such as Empire State Building, Chrysler Tower, and One World Trade Center, is also essential. But the city’s population has only one place for recreational activities where they can enjoy nature: New York Central Park etc.

Whenever I think about a perfect place where I can check my creative instincts for writing a descriptive essay about the park, it’s the only park that has brought a creative writer in me.

Although New York Central Park was created in the early 19th century, it has endured many transitional periods after its creation in 1857 and its completion in 1876.

My love for this park went through the roof while studying at New York University (NYU). I was given an assignment for a beach house descriptive essay. I need to do a lot of research. So every day, I come here to write my draft.

Bethesda Terrace

Arriving at the “Bethesda Terrace” and sitting on the basin walls of the “Bethesda Fountain” seeing the “Angel of the waters” invoked magic in me. That’s when I started writing continuously and came up with a final writing draft.

The red tiles on the “Bethesda fountain and terrace” floor create an intensifying romantic scene. The arches under the terrace provide a marvellous view. Sometimes I sit on the opposite side of the balcony on the brick stairs to have some isolation.

For daily evening jog me and my dorm mates go to “Shuman Running Track” at the park. It has a rich and splendid view over the “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir” from the east side. 

Seeing the entire upper east side of Manhattan through the running track is a sight only reserved for those who visited the park. Skyline, as the whole of New York City, can be seen vividly from here.

This park has many attractions for visitors, such as The Ramble Lake, The Pond, Hallett Nature Sanctuary, Sheep Meadows, and Onassis Reservoir.

The central park has held many musical concerts for many years. While staying in my dorm room and becoming a bookworm, we occasionally enjoy going out for those musical performances.

On the other hand, reading my favorite book is my mantra for life while sitting on the rock near the pond. Watching ducks floating in the pond provides a nature-loving moment. This rock formation is the original bed rocks dating back millions of years.

As for most writers like me, who lie on the rocks and read the whole book in a few hours, this park has many places considered marvels.

Belvedere Castle

Similarly, the Belvedere Castle is a muse for many artists and screenplay writers. Many movies are shot here, and music videos feature either the pond or Belvedere Castle.

Belvedere Castle was previously used as a weather station. For recording wind speed and weather changes by United States National Weather Service. Due to its construction on the highest bedrock of the park, it serves as a good watch tower. 

Most elites now use this castle’s location for the wedding ceremony. As it has such an elevation, wedding pictures in this park seemed like a scene from a romantic movie.

New York Central Park’s location was involved in many mysteries. Ever since its inauguration in the late nineteenth century and the first murder of a teenager. This park has seen many troughs and peaks in its reputation.

Although crimes in New York City were threefold higher than on the park’s premises, the park was still the focus of the entire crime reporting. Till 1980 this park has seen many cases of rapes and theft. 

In the final two decades of the twentieth century, New York’s Mayor’s office has given special attention to the crimes. That has resulted in CCTV camera installation. As a result crime ratio dropped to a single figure or few incidences in a year.

Though my liking and disliking have changed over the years, my love for Central Park is unflinching and absolute strong as the iron. Central park has given me many creative ideas, even after acquiring my perfect essay writing skills. I’m still fond of the memories I have in central park.


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