To be Safe, Follow These Camping Tips in the Forest!

Camping Tips in the Forest

Camping Tips in the Forest – Camping is the simplest and most relaxing choice of holiday activities. For those of you who want to camp in the wild or forest, of course you need safe tips to do so. Camping is also a positive activity and is suitable as a stress reliever.

But if you don’t prepare well, your fatigue will only increase. Therefore, you must prepare well.

The following is a review from Vacation Indonesia and Informasi Wisata regarding Camping Tips in the Forest.

Wearing Safe and Comfortable Clothing

The first tip is to wear clothes that are safe and comfortable. By dressing like that, during your trip and camping you will feel comfortable and not be bothered by the wrong clothes.

Use thick clothing if the weather is cold, such as a jacket or coat, non-slip boots and trousers that are not tight. Try to wear clothes that cover your entire body to protect yourself from biting insects such as mosquitoes or bees.

Bring Drug Supplies

The second tip is that it is very important to take medicine with you anywhere, especially if you go to the forest. Bring medicines that you need while you are camping in the forest for your own safety and security. Starting from drugs to treat injuries, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, or those that can relieve muscle pain. These medicines are very helpful if something happens to you.

Set Up Tents in a Safe Place

The third tip is to set up a tent in a safe place. Find a safe location away from animal food sources such as rivers or fruit trees. also look around you for animal nests such as beehives or snake suggestions. If it has been erected, sprinkle salt around the tent to prevent animals like worms or snakes from entering your tent.

Easy-to-make Bring Meals

The fourth tip is to bring food that is easy to make. Currently, a lot of food that needs to be heated can be eaten immediately, this will make it easier for you when camping in the forest. Remember, after eating, save your trash… take your trash home. Do not leave trash in the forest so that nature remains sustainable.

Don’t Wander At Night

The fourth tip is Don’t roam around at night. Lack of lighting at night and not knowing the terrain many people get lost and don’t know their way back. If you want to be safe, avoid wandering around at night!

So, those were the camping tips in the forest so that your camping is safe and comfortable. Hope these tips help you. Have fun camping!

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