Can Video Telematics Guarantee Good Driver Behaviour?

Can Video Telematics Guarantee Good Driver Behaviour

A driver behaviour monitoring system is a must for all fleet owners, regardless of how many vehicles they have in their fleet. This is true for fleet management software as well. Does the use of video telematics software improve the analysis of driver behaviour?

We can’t dispute that, though! Software for video telematics does contribute to the monitoring of driving behaviour.


How Are Video Telematics and Driver Behaviour Monitoring Related? 

A driver behaviour monitoring solution provides an event-by-event performance report for each driver. The worse the motorist is behind the wheel, the more trigger events there are.

Several incidents involving driving include:

  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Stern Corning
  • Overspeeding
  • Extra Driving Time
  • Freewheeling


A driver report and driver score are created based on these incidents. Every event has a variable level of hazard set, and the driver score is calculated appropriately.

Where do video telematics solutions fit into this entire fleet management process?

Software for video telematics is divided into the DMS and ADAS categories.

A driver monitoring system, as the name suggests, keeps an eye on the driver’s whereabouts and activities while he is on duty. Every time the driver is observed engaging in prohibited behaviour, such as smoking, yawning, being preoccupied, being drowsy, or talking on the phone, an alert is set off. The system still generates the alert if the driver is not present or if a proxy driver is in control.

The automatic driver assistance system keeps an eye on the area around the car. The freight is kept secure thanks to the round-the-clock video surveillance, which also guarantees the security of the vehicle. Every time the camera identifies the following situations, such as a forward collision, backward collision, pedestrian too close, signal violation, and many others, the fleet monitoring platform sends out an alarm.


How Can Video Telematics Help Improve Driver Behavior 

If you need to, look at the incidents that video telematics and driver behaviour analysis solutions directly or indirectly address as a result of poor driving behaviour.

The Driver Monitoring System of the video telematic software monitors the driver’s in-cabin actions, unlike driving behaviour monitoring alternatives, which specifically discuss analysing driving behaviours. The ADAS systems, on the other hand, may address a wide range of features of encircling surveillance, but their primary goal is to help the driver drive safely. Every time the programme receives an event from the hardware, it notifies the driver and fleet management remotely. This not only records every negligent driving action but also warns drivers to avoid repeating the same behaviour.


Cumulative Reports

While a video telematics solution and a driver behaviour system would both generate their own reports, a combined fleet management software that delivers both solutions in one may provide a cumulative report that is simple to comprehend, review, and manage. When using video telematics instead of merely driver behaviour monitoring, you will have evidence rather than just data about the incidents.


Cumulative Analysis

The fleet monitoring system has a consolidated database or reports and provides both driver behaviour analysis and video telematics solutions. The programme will find it simpler to display unified analytics. The programme may analyse data from several sources for the same entity and process it to produce a better performance analysis. The analysis will be more accurate the more data sources there are.


Driver Scores 

The driver score will get more precise as there are additional sources of information on driving behaviour. With more solutions in place, there will be more criteria by which to evaluate a driver. While only textual data might be used to analyse driver behaviour, video telematics will also provide visual events to the data.


Summing Up 

A sophisticated fleet monitoring system is included with a modern fleet management platform. Route planning solutions, asset tracking solutions, field service management software, video telematics software, and driver behaviour monitoring are all provided by TrackoBit, one of the top companies in the sector.

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