Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Wedding Makeup Artist!

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Although it may not be the most important day of your life, it is undoubtedly one of the most significant. Are you looking for ways to look your best and make sure you’re ready for the photo?

You won’t want to regret the look you see in every photo of your d day after all the planning and pining. Although you will cherish the photos and memories forever, you won’t be able to look back at the pictures and notice a shiny forehead or smudged makeup. You can look flawless on your wedding day by hiring Indian wedding makeup professionals.

This article will help you find and choose the right wedding makeup artist providing salon services at home as per your given specifications and needs.

Which kind of Make-Up Should I Choose?  

  • Wedding Day makeup: The cost of bridal makeup is more than makeup for smaller events.
  • It’s generally used for your guests as well as the rest of your family. It is also possible to get it for a small ceremony, or for your mehendi-day function. Party makeup costs about one-fourth of what you would spend on your wedding day makeup.
  • Special occasion makeup: This makeup is for brides who are attending other wedding functions, such as Sangeet and Mehendi, Reception, and Engagement. These functions are more adventurous for brides than the wedding day, where they tend to do more with their hairstyle and makeup.

HD or Airbrush Makeup:

Airbrush makeup sprays makeup using a gun rather than sponges, brushes, or fingers. This is ideal for those with oily skin and summer brides. This option is usually more expensive than other options. HD makeup uses traditional HD makeup with sponges and brushes. The pigments are finer milled.

What Is The Bridal Makeup Kit?

  1. Makeup
  2. Nail painting
  3. Hairstyling
  4. Draping

Where Can I Find a Makeup Artist For My Wedding?

  1. Through Reference: Do you remember how much you loved the makeup artist at that girl’s wedding? Ask your favorite brides about their makeup artists.
  2. Use online wedding portals such as ShaadiSaga.com. You can filter by location and budget to see the work they have done on real brides over the years.

Tips to Remember Before You Finalize a Makeup Artist

  1. What is excluded and included in the package?
  2. Who will be attending the venue? This includes the head or another person, as well as how many. To avoid surprises last-minute, be sure to clarify this information in advance!
  3. What are the availability times and dates? 
  4. It is important to verify that the make up artist is comfortable traveling with you for outstation weddings. It is important to clarify who will pay for the travel and accommodation costs. These are generally paid by the bride.
  5. How many other bookings does the artist have for the same day?
  6. If necessary, request a trial period before finalizing the deal.
  7. Do not rely on verbal contracts. Make sure you sign a written contract.
  8. Discuss the makeup lights! Talk about who will be bringing it. If you need to organize for it, ensure you know where you can get supplies.
  9. Ask how many bookings the makeup artist has at once. Consider how easy it will be for you to have your make up artist split her attention between multiple brides if there are more.

Keep These Things in Mind Once You’ve Finalized Your Make Up Artist:

  1. How much is the advance payment and when do you need it?
  2. It is a good idea to discuss with your family if other family members are using the same make up artist. This will help you determine how many people will be getting ready and what their requirements are.
  3. Include details such as the date, time and venue. Don’t forget to make any necessary changes.
  4. Talk to your make up artist in advance about any skin or hair treatments they recommend for you. This could include a specific facial, home remedy, or bleaching a particular area of the body.

The Big Day is Coming!

A majority of bridal makeup artists providing salon services at home offer a trial run a few weeks prior to the big day. You might also consider asking your hairdresser to give your hair a trial. You will be able to see how they complement each other. The trial is for the bride only, not the bridal party. This is a great way to test how makeup holds up under different lighting conditions and how long it lasts.

Tips For The D-DAY

It takes more than just foundation to achieve a flawless complexion. Wedding planning can cause skin problems such as a breakout. You should try to be as stress-free and pamper yourself. It is vital that you hydrate well and eat your meals on time. As the day approaches, I recommend that you cut down on your alcohol and caffeine intake. You can replace them with fresh juices. Also, increase your vegetable and fruit consumption. A good way to keep your skin clear is daily cleansing and moisturizing.

It is easy to find a good bridal makeup artist. It can be difficult to find a professional who suits your style and personality. Make sure you plan ahead and take your time when making a decision. If you are still looking for the experts to help you with bridal makeup services at home, then we can help you with a suggestion. We are talking about getting your appointment fixed with Beauticianz and get all the assistance you need just the way you would have desired. Book your appointment now! 

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