8 Most Unique Piercing Places in Colorado Springs

Unique Piercing

Colorado is heaven regarding tattoos, piercings, and body modification. Colorado Springs has some interesting places that will make you think twice about your next ink or piercing. With many artists, choosing the best for you might be challenging. So, here we will help you with it and list the 8 most popular piercing places for you! So, let’s get you started! 

Most Unique Piercing Places in Colorado Springs

Here is the list of the piercing shops Colorado Springs to find the best piercing services:- 

Certified Tattoo Studio 

Certified Tattoo Studio is more than just a tattoo studio. They have a specialist team of proud piercers with world-class body piercing experience. They have more than 16 years of experience working in this business and provide the cleanest environment for your tattoo.  

So, if you want to go for quality and hygiene, there is no place better than the certified Tattoo studios. 

The best thing about them is that they only use high quality-material experience and implant-grade Titanium threadless and internally threaded professional body jewelry. In addition, they will also provide you with aftercare tips to heal the piercing quickly. 

WestSide Tattoo

It is yet another shop to look for piercings in Colorado springs. Founded in 2005, the services have quickly shot to popularity with the help of their quality piercing and customer services, leadership, and the cleanliness of their studio. 

Their specialists are professional and have the required skills to deliver the excellent piercing services you expect. So, if this is your first time getting a piercing and you don’t know how you will feel, this is a piercing studio for you to visit.

Hot Rod Tattoo

With 35 years of combined experience at the same shop, their artists are specialized in providing quality services to their clients. 

They are known for LVN Surgical Stainless jewelry and needles to ensure piercings. The piercing method poses a lower risk of infection and heals properly. They are located in Colorado Springs and have a great track record of tattoos and piercings. If you are looking for the best value in body modification, this is the studio you should look for. So, there are great chances that you will enjoy lifelong happiness and satisfaction with skilled hands. 

The Hive Body Piercing & Fine Jewelry

Located in beautiful downtown Colorado, Hive Piercing delivers amazing results, excellent customer service, and satisfaction. 

Since its opening in 1017, they have built an amazing downtown community based on its unique services and talented staff. They strive to bring the best body piercing experience using their immaculate sterilization techniques. In addition, you don’t have to look for piercing jewelry in any other place because you can have it all in with them. If you are looking for some serious piercing and a unique place to get it, you can visit them and know what all the buzz is about!

Timeless Body Art 

Whether you want to make your perfect tattoo come true or the piercing that turns all the heads around you, Timeless body art studio is second to none in delivering those. Ensured quality and related artists make them one of the most celebrated names in Colorado’s tattoo industry.

They work on every step of the process, from designing to executing the design to creating the work for you. In addition to their excellent services, they provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment so that every first-timer can go for their dream tattoo or piercing without hesitating. 

Kind Fine Jewelry And Piercing

Yet another body piercing Colorado Springs shops, Kind Fine jewelry, and piercing, is the best place to look for piercing. Along with their wide range of jewelry collections, they also provide a wide range of services. This one is the best studio if you still need to determine what type of piercing you would like. Their specialists can help you sort everything from start to end! Also, if you are a minor, this is the second studio on our list that you can check after the Certified Tattoo Studio. 

They are worth your attention with all their hard work and services, like the custom and fine jewelry offerings. 

Freaky’s Head Shop Denver Colorado 

Freaky’s Head Shop Denver Colorado, featuring tattoo & body piercing, has been Denver’s premier head shop & tattoo studio for decades.

Their tattoo and body piercing artists are professional, courteous, health department approved and will guide you for all your body art needs. They use surgical-grade stainless steel for our body piercings and offer comprehensive aftercare. With the help of their selection of body jewelry, they have it all to meet your personal touch. Our tattoo artists are the best to be found, always available to talk or help you find that perfect tattoo.

Skin Evolution Tattoo 

Located in the heart of downtown, Skin Evolution Tattoo specializes in all styles of tattooing and cover-ups, and fix-ups along with the piercing. 

They understand your big decision to get tattoos, so they work with love and passion to help your skin evolve. 

They only have a handful of artists to walk through their doors and around the country. ​Along with piercing, they have a great staff with great artistry to help you get comfortable with piercing. To define in numbers, they have 6 artists and 1 piercer in the studio with their unique styles. 

Wrapping Up! 

There are few places in the world like Colorado Springs. It is a city full of artists where almost everyone has at least one element of body modification. Each store has its style and personality, so it might take time to figure out the best for you. This guide will help you look for fresh tattoos or piercings services. We recommend you first book a consultation before heading to the store directly. That’s all about the list of these 8 most popular places for piercings. So now the challenge is yours and your friends to decide which of those 8 you will visit first!

Thank you for reading this guide! We hope you have liked it and found it helpful. 


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