Spotify, tricks, and tips for using it to the fullest

With its 390 million users, it is probably the most used app for listening to streaming music: but do you know its secrets?

Spotify is one of the best-known and most-used music apps ever: with a digital library of 70 million songs and 390 million users, in 15 years, it has practically defeated the competition, becoming synonymous with streaming music.

But we know how to use Spotify to the fullest, exploiting all its potential. There are many options available and perhaps little known; let’s see them in detail.

Only some know that Spotify is also a social media: from the community site, you can access the forums, where music and much more are discussed, while those with a Premium subscription can also participate in group music listening sessions. In addition, all Spotify users can use the app to follow their friends, exported from Facebook, and see what they do and what they listen to.

Let’s move on to actual listening: Spotify includes an equalizer in its options (available on iOS and Android). There are also devices specifically designed to interact with Spotify, for example, some Samsung earphones and headphones: using them, you can take advantage of the Spotify Tap function, which allows you to manage to listen by touching the earphones.

On Spotify, you can view the lyrics of the song you are listening to with a simple tap and share them with friends: this function can be used not only on desktops and mobile devices but also on consoles and smart TVs.

Did you know that Spotify allows you to recover deleted playlists? That’s right. If you deleted a playlist and now regret it, you have 90 days to get it back. Doing so is very simple: access your account page on Spotify. Its website and choose “Restore playlist” from the menu.

Finally, subscription management: Free subscription holders can only download podcasts on desktop and mobile, while Premium subscription holders can also download albums and playlists in addition to podcasts. Furthermore, those with a Premium account can use up to five devices, whether iOS or Android. On each of these devices, Premium users can download their selections of music and podcasts, with the only requirement of logging in at least every 30 days to keep them.

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