7 Questions to Ask From Pallet Cover Supplies While Buying their Covers!

Pallet Cover

Products often get damaged during their shipping. In order to control the damage, stretch wrap for pallets is considered the best way. However, many logistic business operators randomly buy pallet wraps which is not a great way to deal with the issue. Stretch wraps are being used to control damage and provide a safe passage during shipment. So, these covers should have proper qualities to ensure the safety of products. If you don’t know how to choose the right pallet covers, no need to worry, we’re here to help you. We’ve prepared a list of questions you need to ask from pallet cover suppliers in order to choose the right one.

1. How stretchable are your covers? 

The covers you’re buying should be stretchable. The more stretchable covers, the better they can ensure the safety of products. Also, it will give employees comfortable wrapping options. They don’t need to put much effort into it. This is why asking about the stretchability of wraps from wrap suppliers is crucial.

2. Do you have a wide range of covers?

Logistic solutions have to ship different kinds of products in terms of shapes, sizes, etc. Therefore, wraps and covers should be chosen accordingly. Though they’re stretchable, it doesn’t mean one cover size can be used for every product. You need to buy from those suppliers who can provide you with a wide range of sizes and shapes of covers and wraps. Some popular wraps are keg wraps, insulated wraps, security covers, scanner wraps, cart wraps, etc.

3. Do you sell eco-friendly pallet wraps? 

Customers and clients like to deal with those logistics solutions that use eco-friendly pallet wraps. You should confirm with the supplier whether they sell eco-friendly pallet wraps or not. It is recommended that one should buy from those suppliers who provide such wraps. It will help you get more customers and clients. Also, it will improve your public image as a logistic solution.

4. How durable are your wraps? 

Durability is one of the most important factors you need to look at while buying pallet wraps. You should buy those reusable wraps which can provide longevity. It will prevent the hassle of frequent buying and also saves you money in the long term. Usually, one can easily use reusable wraps more than 1000 times. So, buy wraps keeping this point in mind.

5. What’s the pricing of your wraps? 

You may have a budget while buying pallet wraps for your logistic solution. While talking with the pallet wrap supplier, it is better to confirm the price. They may not sell their covers at the prices you want to buy. Remember, you need to ensure quality as well as reasonable prices. Discussing prices with pallet wrap sellers can get you both.

6. Are you an authorized business? 

Pallet wrap sellers from whom you’re buying should be authorized. Authorized sellers give an assurance that their products are genuine. You can confirm their authorization by checking their license and other documents.

7. Can you provide references? 

Customer references can be quite helpful for you to know the quality of wraps and covers of a seller. They use their wraps and know their pros and cons. It will help you make a better decision.

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