Is African American Hair Transplant A Good Option For Curly Hair?

hair transplant for african american

Taking endless trips to a hair specialist is not a good experience if you have hair loss issues. That is what you get when you use other hair restoration options except for hair transplants. What makes hair transplants great is the fact that it stops hair loss permanently. Besides that, a hair transplant procedure also works well for all hair types, including African American hair. Since it poses some challenges during the harvesting and implanting processes, hair transplant for african american men needs services from a professional hair specialist. 

If you suspect that you are developing hair loss issues, the first thing you should do is seek medical advice from a licensed surgeon. Since hair grows from the skin, a surgeon is in a good position to examine the skin and find what is causing hair loss. After a thorough evaluation of your skin and scalp, Dr. John Kahen will explain to you whether you are eligible for the hair transplant procedure. This post explains to you what you need to know about an African American hair transplant. It also looks at the various benefits of hair transplant for African American. This will help you understand whether you are eligible for the procedure or not. Keep reading this post to know a hair transplant for African American hair works well in treating curly hair. 

What is a Hair Transplant for African American Hair?

When you lose hair, both the physical and the psychological aspects of your life are affected. Luckily, you can easily treat hair loss with a procedure called a hair transplant. When it was first practiced, many people and even scientists thought that hair transplants could only treat Caucasian hair types. As time went by, it was discovered that hair transplants could also work on other hair types, including textured hair. 

However, due to the challenges of transplanting curly hair, the procedure takes more time than for Caucasian hair. For the hair transplant procedure to work effectively and safely in curly hair, a few adjustments need to be done. The diameter of the micro-punch device needs to be slightly large to prevent damaging curly hair that curls above and beneath the scalp. 

How do hair specialists perform hair transplant for African American hair?

Dr. John Kahen is a hair restoration expert with lots of skills for treating hair loss conditions. He uses the latest hair transplant techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to carry out transplants in African American hair. When treating hair loss in curly hair, the doctor may use two of the available hair transplant techniques. In both techniques, precautions are necessary to ensure that harvested hair follicles are intact. Damaged graft hair may not survive to produce the best results. 

Hair transplant for African American hair may take these two approaches

1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

One way a doctor can perform a hair transplant for African American hair is through FUT. This technique of hair restoration in textured hair involves cutting a strip of skin from hair loss-resistant areas of the scalp. The skin needs to have enough hair follicles to cover areas undergoing hair loss. Before settling for a particular clinic to get a hair transplant, you need to request before and after photos. This will help you gauge the outcome of the procedure. Dr. John Kahen gives all patients before and after photos a sneak preview of what they should expect after the procedure. In FUT, once the strip is cut out of the scalp, highly qualified technicians from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic will carefully extract hair follicles. They will then put them in a conducive environment to await transplantation. Once they are enough, Dr. John Kahen will transfer them to the receiving site with great precision. 

2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Robotic hair transplants are not suitable for performing the FUT hair transplant procedure. The reason is that curly hair is curled up at both ends. Implanting them without care and precision may lead to damaged hair follicles. The reason why the follicular unit works effectively in treating textured hair is that the doctor harvests individual hair grafts using a micro-punch tool. Very tiny unit holes are then made in the receiving site to allow proper implantation of graft hair. In hair transplant for African American individuals, the graft implantation holes need to be slightly bigger to cater to the curliness of the hair strands. 

Follicular unit extraction takes more graft harvesting time than FUT during hair transplant for African American hair. The reason why it takes more time is that Dr. John Kahen harvests graft hair individually. Great precision during the harvesting process ensures that the survival rate goes up. A linear scar may occur in the donor area, but it will disappear once hair starts growing. 


If you are an African American, you need to understand that a hair transplant procedure also works well for you. Since a hair transplant for African American hair requires great care, it needs the skills of a professional hair restoration expert. For the best results, you can rely on Dr. John Kahen of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic. Both the FUE and the FUT hair transplant techniques work effectively to restore textured hair types. 


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