Is mileage insurance a perfect alternative to regular car insurance?

Car insurance comes in all shapes and sizes, such as mileage insurance. Therefore, choosing an insurance policy that perfectly matches your wishes takes work. What should you consider when you want to take out car insurance?

Is car insurance mandatory?

Anyone buying a car in Belgium must take out Civil Liability insurance (the so-called BA insurance). Such insurance covers the damage you cause to third parties. This insurance does not cover your injuries or damage to your car. The BA insurance also does not intervene if you are liable for the damage. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to better protect yourself and your car. For example, you can take out an omnium or a small one. The extra protection offered by these insurance policies does come with a higher premium. Comparing car insurance is, therefore, no sinecure. In addition to the premium, you must consider how broad the coverage is.

In addition, some insurers offer alternatives in addition to the traditional formulas, such as mileage insurance. Later in this article, we will shed some light on the main differences between regular and mileage insurance. 

What is mileage insurance, and as such insurance interesting? 

If you want to take out Best car insurance, some insurers give you a choice between regular car insurance and mileage insurance. Depending on your driver profile, one insurance policy may be more interesting for you than the other.

Mileage insurance is tailored to a driver who does not drive much. With such insurance, you will see the premium drop significantly as you drive fewer kilometres. Those who travel fewer kilometres run a lower risk of being involved in an accident, according to the reasoning of the insurers. 

Mileage insurance is interesting for drivers who drive less than 15,000 kilometres per year. Having more kilometres on the clock every year is cheaper with regular car insurance. 

Just like with regular car insurance, with mileage insurance, you can choose from the three known coverages: BA, small comprehensive and comprehensive. The wider the coverage, the higher the premium. 

Which car insurance is the cheapest? 

Once you have decided which insurance you wish to take out, it is important to check which coverage you want. The premium of your insurance mainly depends on the coverage. The wider it is, the higher the premium. That is why we provide several tips to help you determine which coverage best matches the profile of your car. 

First, it is important to look at the car’s age. For example, it is interesting to take out a comprehensive or a small comprehensive package when purchasing a brand-new car. After all, it concerns a new investment you want to protect as well as possible. With fully comprehensive insurance, the damage is compensated if you are liable for the accident. This is different, for example, with a small omnium. 

Anyone who buys a second-hand car is usually better off with normal third-party liability insurance. After all, a second-hand car has already lost much of its value. The premiums you pay for a comprehensive or a small comprehensive are usually outside your car’s (current) value. 

The same goes for older cars. After several years, it may be cheaper to exchange your comprehensive or small comprehensive insurance for third-party liability insurance. The value of your car decreases year after year. 

Which insurer to choose?

It is important to examine different providers as with any other banking product. You may get an extra discount with some insurers if you meet certain conditions. For example, some insurers lower the premium if you use driver assistance systems, such as brake assistance.

Always check what is covered. Not all car insurance policies are the same. After all, insurers can freely extend the legally required cover with extras. A replacement car after an accident is a good example of such a bonus.

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