What is the best business account?

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This way, you choose the best provider and package that suits you.

As an entrepreneur, choosing the best business account with a bank that matches your wishes and ideas is important. How do you choose the right bank, and what can you expect from a bank?

How do you choose the best business account? 

There are different banks, each with a different offer. Best banks for small businesses offer a total package; others allow you to put together your package. A total package and a package you can put together have their advantages. 

Total package or put together yourself?

With a composite package, you will only pay a little for services you do not use with a business account. But a total package is often cheaper, and you can be sure that you have all the necessary products at home. 

Not all of these additional benefits will apply to you. Therefore, keep an eye on whether the bill’s costs are proportionate to the extras that are useful to you. Or the other way: choose the account that offers you the most benefits. Take into account your current situation and where you want to go. For example: Do you expect strong growth, or will the number of transfers always remain low? 

Considerations when choosing the best business account

For the best business account, choose a bank that suits your requirements. Take into account, for example, the daily course of events: 

  • Does the office need to be close by? 
  • What are the internet and mobile options? 
  • Which functions do I want to use? 

But also with other benefits that a bank can arrange: 

  • Advice
  • Services
  • Insurances
  • Mortgage
  • Discounts 

Which banks are there, and what are the main differences? 

There are numerous banks in the Netherlands where you can go, but which one offers the best business account? We distinguish between the best banks for SMEs and the self-employed.  

Best bank for business account SMEs  

According to an independent banking comparator, ABN AMRO is the best bank for entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, the following banks also scored well:  

  • RegioBank (RegioBank SME account)  
  • ING (ING Entrepreneur Package) 
  • Rabobank (Rabo Business Account) 
  • Bunq (Easy Money Business) 
  • Triodos Bank (Triodos Internet Business Account) 

The main differences between these banks are mainly in additional costs. For example, at some banks, you do not pay anything for bank transactions, while other banks do charge a small amount per transaction. The fixed monthly costs for a business account do not differ much from each other per provider. 

Best sustainable business account

Does sustainability also weigh in your choice for the best business account?  Wise is a good choice for entrepreneurs who buy and sell many other currencies.

Best bank for freelancers 

In the search for the best bank for starting entrepreneurs, you will also come across banks that offer business accounts, especially for the self-employed. These accounts are attractive because they are cheaper than regular business accounts. 

KNAB and SNS were the first banks in the Netherlands to offer business accounts, especially for the self-employed. You could consider the following banks: 

  • KNAB (best choice Consumer Association: first 500 transactions each year free and low monthly amount of € 7) 
  • ASN Bank  
  • SNS 
  • Rabobank  

A free business account is also possible, but you must open an account with our eastern neighbours. The German bank N26 offers free business accounts (N26 Business account). The disadvantage of N26 is that communication is in English, and you cannot open a business account if you already have a private account.

Differences in the business checking account options 

In addition to price, several other differences between packages may be important. For example, do you have a shop with an ATwant have direct debits carried out to customers? Then check carefully whether this is included in the package and which conditions are attached.

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