Your health insurance from the age of 18

18 years, time for a party! And also a good time to think about your Affordiable health insurance. From the age of 18 you may take out your own health insurance. But you may also remain on your parents’ health insurance. Your parents will then continue to pay your healthcare premium. Or do you want your own health insurance? Then something will change for you. We tell you all about it.

Your own health insurance

  • If you opt for your own health insurance, you pay your own health premium.
  • Most young people opt for our cheapest basic insurance: the Self-Aware Policy .
  • You pay by direct debit and you arrange everything with us online.

Stay insured with your parents

  • You do not have to do anything if your parents allow you to remain on their health insurance.
  • Your parents will then continue to pay your healthcare premium and pass on any changes via My De Friesland
  • You simply keep your current health insurance.

What changes if you opt for your own health insurance?

From now on you pay healthcare premiums

The government will pay your healthcare premium until you turn 18. From the 1st of the month after your birthday, you pay for your health insurance yourself. Read the tips below to keep your health care premium as low as possible.

From now on you pay your own risk

From the age of 18 there is an excess. This is the amount you pay yourself before care is reimbursed by your health insurance. The government determines the amount of the deductible.

Additional (dental) insurance

From the age of 18, most costs for the dentist, physiotherapist and remedial therapist are no longer covered by the basic insurance. Therefore, think about dental insurance and supplementary insurance .

Do you want to change something about your care package?

Do you want to take out additional insurance for, for example, your dental costs? Or do you want to adjust your deductible? Then do this within 2 months of your 18th birthday. This can be done via your personal My De Friesland environment. And will you remain insured with your parents? Then adjust your health insurance via My De Friesland from your parents.

Do you want to cancel?

Would you like to take out health insurance with another health insurer? Your health insurance is automatically canceled with us. So you do not have to do this separately with us. We are of course very sorry if you do not choose us. Is there anything we can do better? Let us know!

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