Complete Guide on How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing

What were the important processes that we need to develop and document in a Digital Marketing Agency?

The most important process in performance marketing agencies is business development – it is the true revenue center. It is the first function that needs to be streamlined which will eventually finance the streamlining of other functions. The first and most important process is developing and documenting the marketing deliverables like brochures, company profiles, and portfolios. The second process is setting up Standard Operating Procedures to manage communication with leads. As an agency owner, you might also need to set up checklists for the operations of various services and any sub-processes that might be required. Lastly, the process of managing customers must be streamlined using a CRM system. This allows us to standardize process delivery even if the team member handling the work is a new joinee and there is complete control over customer experience.

After developing the process, how do you optimize them?

The process can be optimized through the observation of best industry practices. The next step is beta testing the processes to check their benefits and monitor any hurdles faced in your business. Processes can only be optimized in terms of resources or time. Either you might want to reduce the resources involved in the process or reduce the time required to finish the process. The best way to optimize a process is to make a Process Plan for each marketing activity or agency process. This plan will highlight each stage of the activity, the time required, people required, skills required, finances required, and any material required.

Which tools or software can be the most helpful at an early stage?

The most valuable and resourceful tool that we have implemented in our agency has been Hubspot. It has helped us handle email marketing communications, integrate our marketing activities to track customers, capture leads, and streamline our processes to help the team nurture leads. However, for an early-stage agency, the best process for lead management can be a project management or task reminder application like Trello or Taskade.


How to launch your Digital Marketing Agency?

The first step is making a Business Identity: Logo, colors, tagline, and fonts.

The second step is to identify and understand the market. Find the brand positioning that will help you leverage competitive advantage and focus on marketing to convey this competitive advantage to your potential customers. Finally, your marketing campaigns and business development will help you capture and nurture leads into delightful customers.

The last step is to streamline your processes to facilitate a superior customer experience for your clients. Eventually, you would want to simply reinforce and remind your customers about your brand, so they choose you whenever they need your product.

Apart from this, you might also need to do certain mandatory registrations for your organization, when you are ready to scale up the agency.

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