Recycle Old Electronics: Do not Throw Old Devices in the Trash

Recycle Old Electronics - Do not Throw Old Devices in the Trash

Are your eyes all set on the latest deal of a new smartphone or laptop that has recently launched in the market? If yes, then you should not condemn your old device to in-home gadget graveyard or into the trash bin. Almost everything is now changing into an electronic device whether it is watches, cigarettes, and books. There are several ways to reuse old devices for your home and the suitable way is to use them in the form of security cameras and much more. This has led to the drive of upgrading continuously with the latest version. Go through this blogpost carefully and know how to recycle old electronics for your need.

About electronics recycling

In simple words, electronics recycling is the method of collecting, sorting, and recycling electronics for repurposing salvageable properties in the electronics by means of recycling. The procedure protects the environment from various toxic elements which may end up in the landfills and leaking into the air, water and soil. Furthermore, electronics recycling can destroy your private data completely which was stored in old electronic devices. This can keep the companies safe from information leaks, identity theft and data breaches.

Different electronic recycling solutions for your business

Below are three steps to help your business manage electronic recycling and deal with this fast-growing form of waste.

Try to make informed purchases

You can avoid dealing with e-waste is by preventing electronics from becoming waste at its first place. The procedure of e-waste management begins during the purchasing stage. Usually, the companies make bulk purchase of electronics for employee use. Make sure you conduct thorough research work when choosing the least expensive one and go through online reviews carefully.

You need to start a conversation with the local retailer when looking for the best electric goods for your company. Feel free to ask some questions like, “What models will you require for minimum repair?”, “Which brands provide the lowest return rate?.” This enables buyers to get proper information and take the right decision for old electronics.

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Repair or upgrade old electronic goods

When it is about electronic goods, the old ones do not always mean outdated. This is where the IT professionals can render you help. They can assess the benefits of repairing or upgrading electronics at an affordable cost. You will know whether the printer require some fixtures, hard drives and software upgrades make electronic devices look newer in the most efficient way. This can reduce the cost of electronic waste being sent out to you. With do it yourself option, you will find basic tutorials for repair of different office electronics and getting a fix may be a few keystones only.

Swap, sell or donate old electronics

Whether you want to sell or donate old electronics, it is vital to ensure that your IT department has thoroughly wiped electronic equipment before offloading it. Donating is the perfect option for useful but obsolete electronics. This e-waste management is a great way to lessen electronic pollution and make your accounting department satisfied. Besides, donating enables the businesses to put items such as phones, tablets or computers in the hands of those who need them the most.

Step by step guide to electronics recycling

You might wonder, “what can you do with old electronics?” Read on to know how it is possible to recycle electronic devices.

Collect electronic goods 

At first, you need to collect electronic devices for recycling. The old electronics can be found anywhere in your home, office, schools and hospitals.

Transport electronics to recycler

It is important to transport electronics to an accredited recycler. Make sure before sending old electronics to a facility you delete all the private data from your device before recycling. This facility should be environment friendly to maintain the protocols of electronics recycling.

Shred electronic devices

When the electronics reach recycling center, they should be categorized. This shredding process is usually done manually as electronic devices are examined carefully. If the electronics are broken down, they need to be sorted out.

Sort out electronics

You might think why sorting of electronics does not take before shredding. The procedure is very important for completing the first as different elements which make up electronic device need extraction. Some electronics consist of metals, glass, plants, compounds and other elements. Such elements need sorting by category before recycling.

Dust extraction

You need to place the leftover electronic pieces on conveyor belt for dust extraction. This will shake them to blow away the dust particles. There will be no environmental degradation at the time of recycling process.

Magnetic separation

Once the extraction of dust is over, it is the right time for magnetic separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. However, the large magnets are helpful at this step to suck up steel and iron for separating them from other materials.

Water separation

When magnets separate metal from other materials, there is water separation. At this step, hydraulic is in use to separate glass from plastic in an efficient way. The plastic and metal are able to recycle differently.


Analyzing of waste is important to ensure all the elements are easy to dismantle and recycle properly for improving the quality. When electronics recycling facility melts down metals in-house, they will examine the pieces to strip away any paint, rust or other compounds found on the metal.

Preparation for resale of electronics

Lastly, all the elements of your broken or damaged electronics need to recycle by their category in the same facility such as glass, metal, plastic or paper. Then these are available for resale to other facilities that will repurpose these materials.

Once you are aware how to recycle electronics, it is time for you to do your part and send your old electronics for recycling. You may type in Google search box, “electronic waste disposal near me” when looking for a service provider in your area.

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