What are the three phases of post construction cleaning?

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Whether it is a whole new construction site or a building under renovation, it comes with a lot of dust and debris. Every renovation and construction project leaves a huge mess to clean. After the completion of the work, all the dust needs immediate removal as it can cause serious health issues. 

The dust and debris at the construction site cannot be removed easily by general cleaning. Post-construction cleaning is a huge task. From removing the nails and leftover construction materials to cleaning the minute dust particles from each corner of the site. Post-construction cleaning includes all such tasks that a professional cleaner can perform easily and effectively. 

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Phases of post-construction cleaning:

Sites with post-construction require proper cleaning. Therefore, there involved some cleaning phases for such construction or renovation sites. These phases make the whole cleaning process easy and effective and also save time. 

Let us deep dive to know the phases of post-construction cleaning. 

  • Rough clean-

 Rough cleaning is the initial stage of post-construction cleaning. In this stage, professional cleaners will first visit the site, inspect everything and prepare the blueprint before starting the actual work. 

After the inspection, they will start working according to the blueprint prepared by them. This phase takes place during the construction phase only as the rough cleaning is done after the plumbing wiring of the electrical wires. 

During this, professional cleaners remove the large leftover construction materials that cannot be used further. They remove the stickers from the doors, windows, and cabinets. General sweeping and vacuuming are included in this to remove the dust and debris from all doors, windows, and other places. 

This phase does not involve deep cleaning as the construction work is not completed yet. After this cleaning phase, you can go with the painting and flooring work. Furthermore, this work also creates dust and will need cleaning after completion. Therefore, this phase is known as the rough clean. 

  • Light clean-

This is the second and the most engaging cleaning phase as it includes a lot of work. During this, professional cleaners require a lot of equipment and tools. It includes the thorough cleaning of the whole site, therefore, it is the taking phase from all three phases. 

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The main focus of this phase is to clean the areas of the kitchen and the bedroom. It includes sinks, toilets, cabinets, windows, and other installed things in the area. Cleaning of all such areas requires various modern tools and equipment to clean effectively and efficiently. 

Baseboards, doors, mirrors, etc. require thorough and deep cleaning. Mopping the floors and cleaning them with a vacuum is part of this cleaning phase. Professional cleaners use various equipment and tools such as microfiber rags, neutral cleaners, etc. 

This phase cleans almost everything properly. The remaining little bit dust particles will be cleaned in the next phase of the cleaning process. 


  • Final phase-

Lastly, this is the most significant and final phase of the post-construction cleaning phase. For the final touch-up of the site, you need to wait for several days. Moreover, this phase takes place after some days after the completion of the whole construction. This is due to cleaners waiting for the dust to settle down which makes the cleaning easy. 

This phase does not take much time as the second phase. It includes the removal of all fingerprints, stains, and smudges on the surfaces of doors, windows, and mirrors. At this stage, they also remove all the garbage from the site, vacuum the carpets and mop the floors, etc. 

Touch-up cleaning services include power washing service, tile, and grout cleaning service, window washing, etc. Professional cleaners offer a thorough cleaning of the house, review the whole site before leaving make sure every corner shines. 

Final thoughts:

Post-construction cleaning services are necessary for every construction or renovation building as it leaves the huge cleaning task behind. As now you all know it includes various phases, and it is not something that everyone can do. You will need a professional cleaning service to do makes things the right way.  

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