What is the best car insurance?

The best car insurance will depend on each person’s profile, directly linked to the needs of each user when hiring this service. What’s great for one is only sometimes good for another.

For many users, the best car insurance is the one that offers the most coverage found on the market. For others, accident insurance is the most relevant service when looking for an insurance company.

Based on this assumption, let’s consider some points that can help you choose the best car insurance within your consumer profile.

The first and most important step is to define your profile as a contractor for this service. Start by tracing your needs when hiring car insurance and use that as a criterion to define other important points that came up afterwards.

Reflect on what motivates you to seek this type of protection, as the best car insurance should meet this in the first place. Assuming that for you, the best insurance is the one that covers all types of collisions with other vehicles or insures you if your car is stolen, then this is the criterion for you to focus your research on the existing insurance companies in the market.

Once you have this firmly in mind, start researching the companies currently in business that offer this type of coverage for your vehicle. 

How to buy insurance for a used car?

To take out insurance for your used car, you must follow some requirements imposed by insurers:

  • It is necessary to inspect the vehicle beforehand;
  • The car must be at most 10 or 15 years old;
  • If your used car is imported, the period of use cannot exceed 5 years (this is the rule, but it can vary from insurer to insurer).

Based on this information, the insurance company will analyze several factors, such as the theft rate of the model, the driver’s profile, the history of collisions and the replacement cost of each automotive part.

Depending on the result of the vehicle assessment and your driver profile, the insurer may or may not grant an insurance policy for your used car. If the insurer approves the insurance contract for your car, it is important to pay attention to the price charged for the policy.

Incredible as it may seem, even though it is a used car, if the value that the company has with the maintenance of the car is low, the policy should also be more affordable. However, the maintenance cost is still too high, making the policy more expensive. In that case, there is also the alternative of opting for Seguro Popular, which has a much more affordable value than most insurance available on the market but does not guarantee less coverage than conventional insurance.

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