How To Fix Your Webviewgold Xcode Build Error

Xcode is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that lets you compile and run code from your Mac. However, it has its quirks. For one thing, developers need to install the Xcode Developer Tools separately or through an extension in order to use Xcode properly. If you’ve ever noticed a problem with your Xcode build or downloaded project and got an error when trying to run it on your Mac, chances are that you’ve encountered the webviewgold Xcode build error. While this error isn’t so common and mostly appears when there’s an issue with the linker file or settings within the project itself, it can be frustrating at times. Fortunately, fixing this problem is easy as pie and we’re here to help!

What is a Webviewgold Xcode Build Error?

The Webviewgold Xcode build error occurs when you have an issue with the linker file. Xcode uses the linker file to link your source code with the libraries it needs to run. If the linker file is missing or has been changed, your build will fail. Moreover, the issues with the linker file are often related to the version of Xcode you’re using. As Xcode is an evolving IDE and it’s likely that it’s at a different stage of development in different places on your Mac, the linker file can be different in different locations. If that’s the case, the linker file may not support both locations.

How to Fix Webviewgold Xcode Build Error

The solution to the webviewgold Xcode build error is easy: follow these steps. – Install the Xcode Developer Tools in your Mac – Create a new Xcode project – Set your Target Device – Add SDK and code tweaks – Run your tests and check errors in console – Check Your Settings – Conclusion

Create a new Xcode project

Creating a new project can be done from the Xcode Organizer or from within the Xcode workspace itself. It’s good practice to create a new project whenever you need to fix a problem with the build. Creating a new project in Xcode will allow you to separate the build from the design. This can prevent you from becoming too attached to the design, which can cause you to overlook the build issues. If you’ve never created a project before, you can create a new project using the Xcode Organizer.

Set your Target Device

In order to fix the webviewgold Xcode build error, you’ll need to set the Target Device within your project. You can find this setting under your project settings within the General tab. When setting the Target Device, make sure that the device or Apple Watch that will be running your app is selected. It’s also a good idea to select the device model. This will prevent Xcode from generating an incompatible build. It’s likely that the build error was related to a mismatch between the version of the linker file and the version of the linker file on your Mac.

Add SDK and code tweaks

Admittedly, these steps aren’t strictly necessary to fix the webviewgold Xcode build error. However, they’re worth mentioning. – Install the Xcode SDK – Tweak your code – Run your tests and check errors in console – Check Your Settings – Conclusion

Run your tests and check errors in console

After setting the Target Device in your project settings, you can run your tests and check for errors in the console. You can access the console from the top menu bar, or by clicking on the icon with the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner of the Xcode workspace. As the build error was related to the linker file, you can run the following command in the console to see if there are any errors with the linker file. You can run the command with root privileges to get a full list of the library files and their paths: $ xcrun -findlib If the command finds any errors, the console will show them. You can use the xcrun command to run tests, run benchmarks and run code analysis tools. The command menu also contains commands to fix errors, such as fixalloc.

Check Your Settings

If you’ve run the above command and gotten any errors, you can run the same command again. This time, however, instead of running the command as root, run it as a normal user. This will run the command using the same libraries that are on your Mac, but with the same version of the linker file as the user who is running the command. This will help you narrow down the location of the problem. If you don’t have the error, you can stop there. However, if the above command still finds errors on your Mac, you can try to fix them with the following steps. – Check your Mac settings – Remove any unnecessary code from your project – Try updating the linker file – Try a fresh build – Try re-downloading the Xcode project – Solve your problem – Conclusion


The webviewgold Xcode build error is frustrating, but it’s easy to fix. Make sure that you have the Xcode Developer Tools installed, create a new project and set your Target Device and Target Model correctly. Then, while running the xcrun command in the console, make sure that you’re using the settings of the user who is running the command. If you can solve the problem with these steps, you’ll be up and running in no time!

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