Key Features of An On-Demand Dog Walking App

Dog walking app development company

In the running world, everything is available an on-demand service dog-walking app is one of them. As we know dogs are true friends of human beings and protect them, people treat dogs as family members

Dogs are fluffy or cute but they come with some additional responsibilities. Let’s understand here step by step. You go to the office for work and spend half of the day in the office and when you come back home you find your dog is waiting for you to take him out for a walk. It is impossible to do on a daily basis. But thanks to an on-demand dog walking app development company, with the app you can hire a professional dog walker who will take your dog from home to walk when you are not there and after walking with the dog he will bring your dog back home.

Why We Need an On-Demand Dog-Walking App

There are two ways to understand the necessity of a dog-walking app. First, we see the number of people who have their own dogs, and second how many of them are working. According to the USA report of dog owners 35.4 million house owners have their own dogs and 50+% people work somewhere else so they can’t take their dogs for walks daily and it affects the mental health of their pets.

But don’t worry we have an on-demand dog walking app you just need to find a nearby dog professional walker with the help of the app and a person will respond in real-time you can select your preferred time he will come on the given time and take your dog for a walk after rejuvenate take it back and you can pay it for through the app.

How An On-Demand Dog-Walking App Works

Let’s have a look at some steps of the dog-walking app in the section below.

  • Firstly users need to login into the app and then search for nearby dog walkers and send the request.
  • After sending the request an associate person with the on-demand dog-walking app responds to your request and asks the time or date on which he can take your dog for a walk.
  • On the decided time he will come and take your dog for a walk whether it is an early morning or late night walk.
  • You can pay dog walkers with your app or cash in hand.

Market Statics On-Demand Dog Walking App Development Company

It is very important to check their market stats or the future of the business in which you are going to invest money.

Dog-walking app development companies are getting high volume these days and earning money after investing in it. According to a survey of pet owners who keep which type of animal at their home, the majority of people have dogs. To understand clearly look at the graph below.

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In 2020 the market for dog walking was around 2.1 billion and going to reach around 6.5 billion in the year 2025. It is the right time to invest money in on-demand dog-walking app development services.

The Development Cost Of On-Demand Dog Walking App Development

Everyone wants to know how much the development cost of an app to answer such questions is quite difficult as well as interesting too. But the cost of the development process varies with its features, technologies, development time, team size, platforms, and more.

Don’t worry we will give you a basic development cost price. Generally in the UK or USA developers charge $150-280 per hour. In European countries, developers charge $80-150 per hour but in India developers charge$25-70 per hour for excellent developing services.

So the answer to such a question is how much does it cost that is around $15-35k and the development time is around 150-260 hours.

But this is for a basic app cost varies with advanced features.

Features That Must Be In On-Demand Dog Walking App.

On-demand walking app success depends on its advanced features and attracts users to use it again and again.

A lot of advanced features must be in your app to make it world-class in the competitive world. Below we will discuss them.

  • Log in via social media
  • Real-time tracking
  • Push notifications
  • In-app call/ chat
  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Multiple payment gateways

●     Log in via social media

The signup or login process for the dog-walking app should be as simple as possible and give the facility to users to log in via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

●     Real-time tracking

In your dog-walking app, you should give these advanced features to your users to track dogs’ live location with the help of geolocators.

●     Push notifications

Push notifications help users to get the latest news or updates in the dog walking app.

●     In-app call/ chat

In-app call/ chat options give users a glorious feel and make your app more trustworthy in the competitive world. Using this app you can call or chat with the associate agent and he or she will assist you in a good manner with your concern.

●     Real-time analytics dashboard

To analyze your app performance and customer reviews this advanced feature helps you to improve your performance as well as monitor the client’s reviews.

●     Multiple payment gateways

Give multiple payment options like debit, credit, UPI, net banking, and cash On Demand Delivery to users to make your app more user-friendly and easy to use for anyone.

Final words:

In this blog, we covered all the important points whether it is about cost, features, needs, and more. But one more thing, you have an excellent idea for on-demand app development services and want to execute it first. Do proper research, find an expert or experienced company, and check their previous work or client reviews.

In the era of a competitive world, you will get numerous developers who can assist you better and give a bit of worthy advice.

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